BBR - GT500 Throttle Body Kit - 2005-10 Mustang - bbtgtthbokit

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Silicon Adapter
Blow-By Racing NEW GT 500 Throttle Body Kit

2005-2010 Newer Ford Mustang 4.6 3V

This cleverly-engineered kit is an easy bolt-on that provides dyno-proven gains in both horsepower and torque. This comprehensive kit includes a brand new Shelby GT500 throttle body direct from Ford, a five-axis CNC-machined billet adapter plate, billet mounting bolt bushings, and stainless steel mounting bolts.

Our kit is different from those offered by the competition in that our 1/2" thick adapter plate is engineered to exactly match the center of the throttle body bores with the center of the bores in the factory 4.6 3V intake manifold. This task required very careful measuring, design, and five-axis machining, but the end result is a smooth, tapered transition from the large Shelby GT500 throttle body to the factory intake manifold mounting flange. The adapter plate is machined for the included OEM-style seal for a factory-like installation.

The throttle body is purchased as a complete assembly directly from Ford, and as a result avoids the step of transferring existing throttle body parts to the new throttle body when an aftermarket unit is installed. And because the throttle body is a genuine Ford component, the driveability issues associated with the installation of an aftermarket drive-by-wire unit are avoided. The throttle body mounting bolt holes are slightly modified on our CNC mill to ensure a hassle-free installation.

This kit is an easy way to add power and it installs in just minutes. Independent tests have shown gains of over 10 HP at the wheels. A must-have for any 3V Mustang owner!

Note 1: The billet adapter plate is also available with an tapped NPT hole on the side of the plate for applications with nitrous injection. Please call for details and availability.

Note 2: The large opening of this throttle body requires an inlet boot that will stretch to 5". The stock Ford boot will not fit, although the inlet boots included with many aftermarket air intake kits will fit. If needed, a black silicone transition hose (5" to 4.5", 3" long) is available from us for $20 to adapt this throttle body to your air intake system. Please call for availability.

Kit Includes:
- BBR Machined GT500 Throttle Body
- BBR Throttle Adapter Plate
- Complete Harware Kit( Alignment Pins, SS Hardware, & Step by Step instructions)

**Does Not Fit 2.3 Whipple S/C **
**Does Not Fit 2.6 Kenne Bell S/C**

Adapter in not need for JLT CAI
*Will not work with OE inlet hose
Intake that we know need adapter:
C&L Racer
C&L Street
Steeda w/ HI-Flow Tube
Air Aid