18045Actual ID (in): 1.45Actual ID (in): 1.65Actual ID (in): 2.75Actual ID (in): 3.25Actual ID (mm): 36.83Actual ID (mm): 41.91Actual ID (mm): 69.85Actual ID (mm): 82.55Actual OD (in): 1.65Actual OD (in): 1.89Actual OD (in): 3Actual OD (in): 3.5Actual OD (mm): 41.91Actual OD (mm): 48.006Actual OD (mm): 76.2Actual OD (mm): 88.9Band Width (in): 0.35Band Width (mm): 8.89Bellmouth OD (in): 6Bellmouth OD (in): 7Bellmouth OD (in): 8.75Bellmouth OD (mm): 152.4Bellmouth OD (mm): 177.8Bellmouth OD (mm): 222.3Bend (dd): 0Bend (dd): 120Bend (dd): 15Bend (dd): 180Bend (dd): 30Bend (dd): 45Bend (dd): 60Bend (dd): 90Bend (dd): StraightBend: StraightBend: TBeveled EdgeBody Height x Width (in): 3.5Body Height x Width (in): 4Body Height x Width (in): 4.13Body Height x Width (in): 4.5Body Height x Width (in): 5Body Height x Width (in): 5.5Body Height x Width (in): 5x9Body Height x Width (in): 6Body Height x Width (in): 6.25Body Height x Width (in): 6.5x4.75Body Height x Width (in): 6x10Body Height x Width (in): 7Body Length (in): 10Body Length (in): 14Body Length (in): 15Body Length (in): 18Body Length (in): 7Body Length (in): 9.75Bolt Circle (in): 1.5Bolt Circle (in): 1.63Bolt Circle (in): 1.95Bolt Circle (in): 2Bolt Circle (in): 3.25Bolt Circle (in): 3.42Bolt Circle (in): 3.88Bolt Circle (in): 3.89Bolt Circle (in): 4Bolt Circle (in): 4.15Bolt Circle (in): 4.46Bolt Circle (in): 5Bolt Circle (mm): 101.6Bolt Circle (mm): 105.41Bolt Circle (mm): 113.284Bolt Circle (mm): 127Bolt Circle (mm): 38.10Bolt Circle (mm): 41.27Bolt Circle (mm): 49.38Bolt Circle (mm): 50.80Bolt Circle (mm): 82.55Bolt Circle (mm): 86.868Bolt Circle (mm): 98.552Bolt Circle (mm): 98.806Bottle Capacity (lt): 1.2Burnt TipBurst Strength (ps): 100Burst Strength (ps): 110Burst Strength (ps): 120Burst Strength (ps): 130Burst Strength (ps): 140Burst Strength (ps): 4Burst Strength (ps): 40Burst Strength (ps): 45Burst Strength (ps): 50Burst Strength (ps): 55Burst Strength (ps): 60Burst Strength (ps): 70Burst Strength (ps): 80Burst Strength (ps): 90Center to Center (in): 3.25Center to Center (in): 3.65Center to Center (in): 3.75Center to Center (in): 4Center to Center (mm): 101.6Center to Center (mm): 92.71Center to Center (mm): 95.25Centerline Radius (in): 1Centerline Radius (in): 1.13Centerline Radius (in): 1.25Centerline Radius (in): 1.5Centerline Radius (in): 1.88Centerline Radius (in): 2.25Centerline Radius (in): 2.5Centerline Radius (in): 3Centerline Radius (mm): 25.4Centerline Radius (mm): 28.702Centerline Radius (mm): 31.75Centerline Radius (mm): 38.1Centerline Radius (mm): 47.752Centerline Radius (mm): 57.15Centerline Radius (mm): 63.5Centerline Radius (mm): 76.2Clamp Range (in): 0.28-0.35Clamp Range (in): 0.31-0.39Clamp Range (in): 0.35-0.43Clamp Range (in): 0.39-0.47Clamp Range (in): 0.43-0.51Clamp Range (in): 0.47-0.55Clamp Range (in): 0.51-0.59Clamp Range (in): 0.55-0.63Clamp Range (in): 0.59-0.67Clamp Range (in): 0.63-0.71Clamp Range (mm): 10.92-12.95Clamp Range (mm): 11.94-13.97Clamp Range (mm): 12.95-14.99Clamp Range (mm): 13.97-16.00Clamp Range (mm): 14.99-17.02Clamp Range (mm): 16.00-18.03Clamp Range (mm): 7.11-8.89Clamp Range (mm): 7.87-9.91Clamp Range (mm): 8.89-10.92Clamp Range (mm): 9.91-11.94Clamps Per Pack: 10CLR (in): 1.15CLR (in): 1.5CLR (in): 1.57CLR (in): 1.63CLR (in): 1.75CLR (in): 2CLR (in): 2.25CLR (in): 2.38CLR (in): 2.5CLR (in): 2.63CLR (in): 2.75CLR (in): 3CLR (in): 3.13CLR (in): 3.15CLR (in): 3.19CLR (in): 3.25CLR (in): 3.38CLR (in): 3.5CLR (in): 3.62CLR (in): 3.74CLR (in): 3.75CLR (in): 3.95CLR (in): 4CLR (in): 4.13CLR (in): 4.18CLR (in): 4.25CLR (in): 4.41CLR (in): 4.5CLR (in): 4.75CLR (in): 4.76CLR (in): 5CLR (in): 5.25CLR (in): 5.5CLR (in): 5.75CLR (in): 6CLR (in): 6.75CLR (in): 7CLR (in): 7.5CLR (in): 8CLR (mm): 100.33CLR (mm): 101.6CLR (mm): 101.60CLR (mm): 104.775CLR (mm): 106.17CLR (mm): 108CLR (mm): 112.00CLR (mm): 114.3CLR (mm): 120.65CLR (mm): 121.00CLR (mm): 127CLR (mm): 133.35CLR (mm): 139.7CLR (mm): 139.70CLR (mm): 146.00CLR (mm): 152.4CLR (mm): 152.40CLR (mm): 190.5CLR (mm): 203.2CLR (mm): 38.1CLR (mm): 41.275CLR (mm): 44.45CLR (mm): 50.8CLR (mm): 50.80CLR (mm): 57.15CLR (mm): 60.325CLR (mm): 60.33CLR (mm): 63.5CLR (mm): 63.50CLR (mm): 66.675CLR (mm): 66.68CLR (mm): 69.85CLR (mm): 76.2CLR (mm): 76.20CLR (mm): 79.375CLR (mm): 79.38CLR (mm): 80.00CLR (mm): 81.03CLR (mm): 82.55CLR (mm): 85.725CLR (mm): 88.9CLR (mm): 89.00CLR (mm): 92.00CLR (mm): 95.00Color: BlackColor: BlueColor: RedCore Thickness (in): 3Core Thickness (in): 3.25Core Thickness (in): 3.5Core Thickness (in): 4Core Thickness (in): 4.5Core Thickness (in): 6Core Width (in): 12Core Width (in): 17.75Core Width (in): 18Core Width (in): 20Core Width (in): 22Core Width (in): 24Core Width (in): 25Core Width (in): 27Core Width (in): 27.5Core Width (in): 30Core Width (in): 6Corresponding Vacuum Hose ID (in): 5/32Cut: 15° AngleCut: AngleCut: StraightDiameter (in): 1Diameter (mm): 10Diameter (mm): 25.4Double WallEdge: BeveledEdge: CamaroEdge: RolledFilter Base OD (in): 5.25Filter Base OD (in): 5.5Filter Base OD (in): 5.75Filter Base OD (in): 6Filter Base OD (in): 7.5Filter Base OD (in): 8.5Filter Base OD (mm): 133.4Filter Base OD (mm): 139.7Filter Base OD (mm): 146.1Filter Base OD (mm): 152.4Filter Base OD (mm): 190.5Filter Base OD (mm): 215.9Filter Cap Color: BlackFilter Cap Color: ChromeFilter Cap OD (in): 4.75Filter Cap OD (in): 5Filter Cap OD (mm): 120.7Filter Cap OD (mm): 127Filter Element Color: BlueFilter Element Color: RedFilter Height (in): 3.5Filter Height (in): 3.63Filter Height (in): 5Filter Height (in): 5.13Filter Height (in): 7Filter Height (mm): 127Filter Height (mm): 130.2Filter Height (mm): 177.8Filter Height (mm): 88.9Filter Height (mm): 92Finish: AnodizedFinish: GlossFinish: MachinedFinish: PolishedFinish: Polished with Blue FinishFinish: Rawflex hoseFlex Length (in): 20Flex Length (mm): 508Height (in): 1Height (in): 1/2Height (in): 10Height (in): 11Height (in): 11.8Height (in): 12Height (in): 14Height (in): 3Height (in): 3.25Height (in): 3.42Height (in): 3.5Height (in): 3.66Height (in): 3.7Height (in): 3.9Height (in): 4.15Height (in): 4.31Height (in): 4.4Height (in): 4.46Height (in): 4.69Height (in): 5.9Height (in): 5/8Height (in): 6Height (in): 6.5Height (in): 8Height (in): 9Height (in): 9.25Height (in): 9.85Height (mm): 105.41Height (mm): 109.474Height (mm): 111.76Height (mm): 113.284Height (mm): 119.126Height (mm): 25.15Height (mm): 76.2Height (mm): 82.55Height (mm): 86.868Height (mm): 88.9Height (mm): 92.964Height (mm): 93.98Height (mm): 99.06Hole Size (in): 0.33Hole Size (in): 0.36Hole Size (in): 0.41Hole Size (in): 0.43Hole Size (in): 0.45Hole Size (in): 0.71Hole Size (in): 0.73Hole Size (mm): 10.32Hole Size (mm): 10.89Hole Size (mm): 11.26Hole Size (mm): 17.84Hole Size (mm): 18.00Hole Size (mm): 18.30Hole Size (mm): 8.20Hole Size (mm): 9.14Inlet (in): 2.5Inlet (in): 3Inlet (in): 3.5Inlet (mm): 63.5Inlet (mm): 76.2Inlet (mm): 88.90Inlet ID (in): 0.25Inlet ID (in): 0.32Inlet ID (in): 0.38Inlet ID (in): 0.5Inlet ID (in): 0.63Inlet ID (in): 0.75Inlet ID (in): 0.88Inlet ID (in): 1Inlet ID (in): 1.25Inlet ID (in): 1.38Inlet ID (in): 1.5Inlet ID (in): 1.63Inlet ID (in): 1.75Inlet ID (in): 1.88Inlet ID (in): 2Inlet ID (in): 2.13Inlet ID (in): 2.20x3.45Inlet ID (in): 2.25Inlet ID (in): 2.375x4.125Inlet ID (in): 2.38Inlet ID (in): 2.5Inlet ID (in): 2.60x4.80Inlet ID (in): 2.75Inlet ID (in): 3Inlet ID (in): 3.13Inlet ID (in): 3.25Inlet ID (in): 3.5Inlet ID (in): 4Inlet ID (in): 4.5Inlet ID (in): 5Inlet ID (in): 6Inlet ID (in): 7Inlet ID (mm): 101.6Inlet ID (mm): 101.60Inlet ID (mm): 114.3Inlet ID (mm): 114.30Inlet ID (mm): 12.7Inlet ID (mm): 127Inlet ID (mm): 127.00Inlet ID (mm): 15.875Inlet ID (mm): 15.9Inlet ID (mm): 152.4Inlet ID (mm): 152.40Inlet ID (mm): 177.8Inlet ID (mm): 19.05Inlet ID (mm): 19.1Inlet ID (mm): 22.225Inlet ID (mm): 25.4Inlet ID (mm): 25.40Inlet ID (mm): 31.75Inlet ID (mm): 34.925Inlet ID (mm): 34.93Inlet ID (mm): 38.1Inlet ID (mm): 38.10Inlet ID (mm): 41.275Inlet ID (mm): 41.28Inlet ID (mm): 41.30Inlet ID (mm): 44.4Inlet ID (mm): 44.45Inlet ID (mm): 47.625Inlet ID (mm): 47.63Inlet ID (mm): 50.8Inlet ID (mm): 50.80Inlet ID (mm): 53.975Inlet ID (mm): 53.98Inlet ID (mm): 55.88x87.63Inlet ID (mm): 57.15Inlet ID (mm): 57.2Inlet ID (mm): 6.35Inlet ID (mm): 6.4Inlet ID (mm): 60.325Inlet ID (mm): 60.33x104.78Inlet ID (mm): 63.5Inlet ID (mm): 63.50Inlet ID (mm): 66.04x121.92Inlet ID (mm): 69.85Inlet ID (mm): 69.9Inlet ID (mm): 7.9Inlet ID (mm): 7.9248Inlet ID (mm): 76.2Inlet ID (mm): 76.20Inlet ID (mm): 79.38Inlet ID (mm): 82.55Inlet ID (mm): 88.9Inlet ID (mm): 88.90Inlet ID (mm): 89Inlet ID (mm): 9.5Inlet ID (mm): 9.525Inlet ID: -6ANInlet ID: -8ANInlet/Outlet (in): 2.5Inlet/Outlet (in): 3Inlet/Outlet Length (in): 1.75Inlet/Outlet Length from Bottom (in): 3.25Inlet/Outlet Length from Bottom (in): 3.5Inlet/Outlet Length from Bottom (in): 4.5Inlet/Outlet Length from Top (in): 3.25Inlet/Outlet Length from Top (in): 5.75Inlet/Outlet Length from Top (in): 7.5Inlet/Outlet Orientation: Center In-Dual OutInlet/Outlet Orientation: Center In-Split Dual OutInlet/Outlet Orientation: Center-CenterInlet/Outlet Orientation: Offset-CenterInlet/Outlet Orientation: Offset-OffsetInlet/Outlet: InletInlet/Outlet: OutletLeg Length (in): 0.43Leg Length (in): 0.5Leg Length (in): 0.64Leg Length (in): 12Leg Length (in): 18Leg Length (in): 2.5Leg Length (in): 240Leg Length (in): 3Leg Length (in): 3.5Leg Length (in): 36Leg Length (in): 4Leg Length (in): 4.5Leg Length (in): 5Leg Length (in): 5.5Leg Length (in): 6Leg Length (in): 6.5Leg Length (in): 60Leg Length (in): 7Leg Length (in): 8Leg Length (mm): 10.922Leg Length (mm): 101.6Leg Length (mm): 101.60Leg Length (mm): 114.3Leg Length (mm): 12.7Leg Length (mm): 127Leg Length (mm): 139.7Leg Length (mm): 152.4Leg Length (mm): 152.40Leg Length (mm): 1524Leg Length (mm): 16.256Leg Length (mm): 165.1Leg Length (mm): 177.80Leg Length (mm): 203.20Leg Length (mm): 304.8Leg Length (mm): 457.2Leg Length (mm): 6096Leg Length (mm): 63.5Leg Length (mm): 76.2Leg Length (mm): 76.20Leg Length (mm): 88.9Leg Length (mm): 914.4Leg length A (in): 12Leg length A (in): 2Leg Length A (in): 39.4Leg length A (in): 4Leg length A (in): 4.5Leg length A (in): 5Leg length A (in): 5.5Leg length A (in): 6Leg length A (in): 6.25Leg length A (in): 60Leg length A (in): 7Leg length A (in): 7.5Leg length A (in): 8Leg length A (in): 9Leg Length A (lm): 1Leg length A (mm): 101.6Leg length A (mm): 101.60Leg length A (mm): 114.3Leg length A (mm): 127Leg length A (mm): 127.00Leg length A (mm): 139.7Leg length A (mm): 152.4Leg length A (mm): 152.40Leg length A (mm): 1524Leg length A (mm): 158.75Leg length A (mm): 177.8Leg length A (mm): 190.5Leg length A (mm): 203.2Leg length A (mm): 228.6Leg length A (mm): 304.8Leg length A (mm): 50.8Leg length B (in): 10Leg length B (in): 11Leg length B (in): 12Leg length B (in): 13Leg length B (in): 4Leg length B (in): 5Leg length B (in): 6Leg length B (in): 6.5Leg length B (in): 7Leg length B (in): 7.5Leg length B (in): 8Leg length B (in): 8.5Leg length B (in): 9Leg length B (in): 9.5Leg length B (mm): 101.6Leg length B (mm): 127Leg length B (mm): 127.00Leg length B (mm): 152.4Leg length B (mm): 152.40Leg length B (mm): 165.1Leg length B (mm): 177.8Leg length B (mm): 190.5Leg length B (mm): 190.50Leg length B (mm): 203.2Leg length B (mm): 203.20Leg length B (mm): 215.9Leg length B (mm): 228.6Leg length B (mm): 241.3Leg length B (mm): 254Leg length B (mm): 279.4Leg length B (mm): 304.8Leg length B (mm): 330.2Leg length C (in): 10Leg length C (in): 10.5Leg length C (in): 11Leg length C (in): 12Leg length C (in): 13Leg length C (in): 21Leg length C (in): 23Leg length C (in): 7Leg length C (in): 8Leg length C (in): 9Leg length C (mm): 177.8Leg length C (mm): 203.2Leg length C (mm): 228.6Leg length C (mm): 254Leg length C (mm): 266.7Leg length C (mm): 279.4Leg length C (mm): 304.8Leg length C (mm): 330.2Leg length C (mm): 533.4Leg length C (mm): 584.2Length (ft): 10Length (ft): 20Length (ft): 25Length (ft): 50Length (in): 11.22Length (in): 11.25Length (in): 12Length (in): 12.6Length (in): 14.5Length (in): 17Length (in): 18Length (in): 20Length (in): 24Length (in): 7.5Length (in): 9Length (mm): 228.6Length (mm): 284.988Length (mm): 285.75Length (mm): 304.8Length (mm): 320.04Length (mm): 431.8Length (mm): 457.2Length (mm): 508Length (mm): 609.6Life Cycle Status: Available To OrderMatching AN Size: -4AN to -12ANMatching Tube Size (in): 1.78-IDMatching Tube Size (in): 2-IDMatching Tube Size (in): 2.03-IDMatching Tube Size (in): 2.25-IDMatching Tube Size (in): 2.30-IDMatching Tube Size (in): 2.5-IDMatching Tube Size (in): 2.53-IDMatching Tube Size (in): 2.55-IDMatching Tube Size (in): 2.75-IDMatching Tube Size (in): 3-IDMatching Tube Size (in): 3-ODMatching Tube Size (in): 3.5-IDMatching Tube Size (in): 3.5-ODMatching Tube Size (in): 4- ODMatching Tube Size (in): 4-IDMaterial: 304 Stainless SteelMaterial: 4 Ply Aramid Reinforced SiliconeMaterial: 6 Layer Dimpled AluminumMaterial: 6061 AluminumMaterial: 6061 Aluminum AlloyMaterial: 6061 Aluminum Fitting/Zinc Plated Steel fastenersMaterial: 6061 Billet AluminumMaterial: 6061 Cast AluminumMaterial: Aluminized Mild SteelMaterial: Aluminized SteelMaterial: AluminumMaterial: Aramid Fiber Reinforced NBRMaterial: Cotton Gauze Filter Element / Rubber BaseMaterial: Flexible GraphiteMaterial: GraphiteMaterial: Mild SteelMaterial: Multi-layer MetalMaterial: Nickel ChromiumMaterial: Nitrile RubberMaterial: Non-Reinforced SiliconeMaterial: Nylon Reinforced SiliconeMaterial: PlasticMaterial: Plastic and Stainless Steel with PTFE Coated ThreadsMaterial: PolyethyleneMaterial: Stainless SteelMaterial: Stainless Steel Composite MaterialMaterial: Stainless Steel with PTFE Coated ThreadsMaterial: SteelMaterial: TitaniumMaterial: Zinc Plated Mild SteelMaximum Pressure (ps): 100Maximum Pressure (ps): 150Maximum Temperature (ce): 1000Maximum Temperature (ce): 1200Maximum Temperature (ce): 255Maximum Temperature (ce): 510Maximum Temperature (ce): 600Maximum Temperature (ce): 900Maximum Temperature (fa): 1100Maximum Temperature (fa): 140Maximum Temperature (fa): 1650Maximum Temperature (fa): 1830Maximum Temperature (fa): 2190Maximum Temperature (fa): 490Maximum Temperature (fa): 950Muffler Body Length (in): 10Muffler Body Length (mm): 254Muffler Body OD (in): 4.25Muffler Body OD (in): 5.5Muffler Body OD (in): 6.3Muffler Body OD (mm): 107.95Muffler Body OD (mm): 139.7Muffler Body OD (mm): 160.02Muffler Shape: RoundNatural TipNominal Pipe Size (in): 1.25Nominal Pipe Size (in): 1.5Nominal Pipe Size (in): 2.5Nominal Pipe Size (in): 3NPT Thread Size (in): 1/2NPT Thread Size (in): 1/4NPT Thread Size (in): 1/8NPT Thread Size (in): 3/8OD Tube Size (in): 1/4OD Tube Size (in): 2/5OD Tube Size (in): 3/4OD Tube Size (in): 3/8OD Tube Size (in): 5/32OD Tube Size (in): 5/8OD Tube Size (mm): 10OD Tube Size (mm): 16OD Tube Size (mm): 19OD Tube Size (mm): 4OD Tube Size (mm): 6OD Tube Size (mm): 9.5Operating Pressure (ps): 250Operating Temperature Range (fa): -40 to 212Outlet (in): 2.5Outlet (in): 3Outlet (in): 3.5Outlet (mm): 63.5Outlet (mm): 76.2Outlet (mm): 88.90Outlet ID (in): 0.47Outlet ID (in): 0.55Outlet ID (in): 0.6Outlet ID (in): 0.63Outlet ID (in): 0.7Outlet ID (in): 0.75Outlet ID (in): 0.8Outlet ID (in): 0.9Outlet ID (in): 0.95Outlet ID (in): 1Outlet ID (in): 1.03Outlet ID (in): 1.05Outlet ID (in): 1.15Outlet ID (in): 1.25Outlet ID (in): 1.35Outlet ID (in): 1.38Outlet ID (in): 1.5Outlet ID (in): 1.63Outlet ID (in): 1.75Outlet ID (in): 1.88Outlet ID (in): 2Outlet ID (in): 2.13Outlet ID (in): 2.20x3.45Outlet ID (in): 2.25Outlet ID (in): 2.375x4.125Outlet ID (in): 2.38Outlet ID (in): 2.5Outlet ID (in): 2.60x4.80Outlet ID (in): 2.75Outlet ID (in): 3Outlet ID (in): 3.13Outlet ID (in): 3.25Outlet ID (in): 3.5Outlet ID (in): 4Outlet ID (in): 4.5Outlet ID (in): 5Outlet ID (in): 6Outlet ID (mm): 101.6Outlet ID (mm): 101.60Outlet ID (mm): 114.3Outlet ID (mm): 114.30Outlet ID (mm): 12Outlet ID (mm): 127Outlet ID (mm): 127.00Outlet ID (mm): 13.97Outlet ID (mm): 15.24Outlet ID (mm): 15.9Outlet ID (mm): 152.40Outlet ID (mm): 17.78Outlet ID (mm): 19.05Outlet ID (mm): 19.1Outlet ID (mm): 20.32Outlet ID (mm): 22.9Outlet ID (mm): 24.13Outlet ID (mm): 25.4Outlet ID (mm): 25.40Outlet ID (mm): 26.2Outlet ID (mm): 26.67Outlet ID (mm): 29.21Outlet ID (mm): 31.75Outlet ID (mm): 34.29Outlet ID (mm): 34.925Outlet ID (mm): 34.93Outlet ID (mm): 38.1Outlet ID (mm): 38.10Outlet ID (mm): 41.275Outlet ID (mm): 41.28Outlet ID (mm): 41.30Outlet ID (mm): 44.4Outlet ID (mm): 44.45Outlet ID (mm): 47.625Outlet ID (mm): 47.63Outlet ID (mm): 50.8Outlet ID (mm): 50.80Outlet ID (mm): 53.975Outlet ID (mm): 53.98Outlet ID (mm): 55.88x87.63Outlet ID (mm): 57.15Outlet ID (mm): 57.2Outlet ID (mm): 60.325Outlet ID (mm): 60.33x104.78Outlet ID (mm): 63.5Outlet ID (mm): 63.50Outlet ID (mm): 66.04x121.92Outlet ID (mm): 69.85Outlet ID (mm): 76.2Outlet ID (mm): 76.20Outlet ID (mm): 79.38Outlet ID (mm): 82.55Outlet ID (mm): 88.9Outlet ID (mm): 88.90Outlet ID (mm): M12x1.5Outlet OD (in): 2.25Outlet OD (in): 2.5Outlet OD (in): 2.75Outlet OD (in): 3Outlet OD (in): 3.5Outlet OD (in): 3.75Outlet OD (in): 4Outlet OD (in): 4.13Outlet OD (in): 4.5Outlet OD (in): 4.5x3Outlet OD (in): 5.13Outlet OD (in): 5.5Outlet OD (mm): 101.6Outlet OD (mm): 104.775Outlet OD (mm): 114.3Outlet OD (mm): 114.3x76.2Outlet OD (mm): 130.175Outlet OD (mm): 139.7Outlet OD (mm): 57.15Outlet OD (mm): 63.5Outlet OD (mm): 69.85Outlet OD (mm): 76.2Outlet OD (mm): 88.9Outlet OD (mm): 95.25Outside Diameter (in): 1.5Outside Diameter (in): 1.75Outside Diameter (in): 2Outside Diameter (in): 2.34Outside Diameter (in): 2.5Outside Diameter (in): 2.53Outside Diameter (in): 2.59Outside Diameter (in): 2.7Outside Diameter (in): 3Outside Diameter (in): 3.29Outside Diameter (in): 3.37Outside Diameter (mm): 38.1Outside Diameter (mm): 44.45Outside Diameter (mm): 50.8Outside Diameter (mm): 63.5Outside Diameter (mm): 76.2Overall Height (in): 4.38Overall Height (in): 5.38Overall Height (in): 5.75Overall Height (in): 6.25Overall Height (in): 6.38Overall Height (in): 6.5Overall Height (in): 8.5Overall Height (mm): 111.1Overall Height (mm): 136.5Overall Height (mm): 146.1Overall Height (mm): 158.8Overall Height (mm): 161.9Overall Height (mm): 165.1Overall Height (mm): 215.9Overall Length (in): 10Overall Length (in): 11Overall Length (in): 12Overall Length (in): 13.75Overall Length (in): 16Overall Length (in): 17Overall Length (in): 18Overall Length (in): 19Overall Length (in): 20Overall Length (in): 22Overall Length (in): 23Overall Length (in): 24Overall Length (in): 5Overall Length (in): 5.5Overall Length (in): 6.5Overall Length (in): 7.5Overall Length (in): 7.75Overall Length (in): 9Overall Length (in): 9.5Overall Length (mm): 139.7Overall Length (mm): 165.1Overall Length (mm): 190.5Overall Length (mm): 196.85Overall Length (mm): 241.3Overall Length (mm): 254Overall Length (mm): 279.4Overall Length (mm): 304.8Overall Length (mm): 406.4Overall Length (mm): 431.8Overall Length (mm): 457.2Overall Length (mm): 508Radius (in): 8Radius: LongRadius: TightRolled EdgeShape: OvalShape: RoundSingle WallSingle/Dual: DualSingle/Dual: SingleThickness (in): 0.06Thickness (in): 0.38Thickness (in): 0.5Thickness (mm): 1.50Thickness (mm): 1.524Thickness (mm): 12.7Thickness (mm): 9.525Thread (mm): M18x1.5Tip 1 Outlet OD (in): 3Tip 1 Outlet OD (in): 3.25Tip 1 Outlet OD (in): 3.5Tip 1 Outlet OD (in): 4Tip 1 Outlet OD (in): 4.5x3Tip 1 Outlet OD (in): 5.5x3Tip 1 Outlet OD (in): 7.75x1.875Tip 1 Outlet OD (mm): 101.6Tip 1 Outlet OD (mm): 114.3x76.2Tip 1 Outlet OD (mm): 139.7x76.2Tip 1 Outlet OD (mm): 196.9x47.6Tip 1 Outlet OD (mm): 76.2Tip 1 Outlet OD (mm): 82.55Tip 1 Outlet OD (mm): 88.9Tip 2 Outlet OD (in): 2.75Tip 2 Outlet OD (in): 3.5Tip 2 Outlet OD (mm): 69.85Tip 2 Outlet OD (mm): 88.9Tip Length (in): 4Tip Length (in): 4.5Tip Length (in): 5Tip Length (in): 7Tip Length (in): 8Tip Length (mm): 114.3Tip OD (in): 4Tip OD (mm): 101.6Tip Shape: OvalTip Shape: RectangularTip Shape: RoundTip Style: Angle CutTip Style: Straight CutTip: Single/Dual: DualTip: Single/Dual: RoundTip: Single/Dual: SingleTube OD (in): 2-3Tube OD (in): 5Tube Size (in): 1.5Tube Size (in): 1.75Tube Size (in): 2Tube Size (in): 2.25Tube Size (in): 2.5Tube Size (in): 3Tube Size (in): 3.5Tube Size (in): 4Tube Size (mm): 101.6Tube Size (mm): 38.10Tube Size (mm): 44.45Tube Size (mm): 50.80Tube Size (mm): 57.15Tube Size (mm): 63.5Tube Size (mm): 76.2Tube Size (mm): 88.9Tube Thickness (gu): 16Tube Thickness (in): 0.065Universal Parts: IncludedWall Thickness (in): 0.04Wall Thickness (in): 0.18Wall Thickness (mm): 1Wall Thickness (mm): 4.572Wall: DoubleWall: SingleWeld/Thread: Weld-onWidth (in): 11.75Width (in): 2.15Width (in): 2.27Width (in): 2.72Width (in): 2.84Width (in): 26.75Width (in): 27.5Width (in): 27.56Width (in): 27.6Width (in): 3.9Width (in): 39.25Width (in): 4.15Width (in): 4.37Width (in): 4.82Width (in): 4.9Width (in): 5.05Width (in): 5.25Width (in): 6Width (mm): 105.41Width (mm): 110.998Width (mm): 122.428Width (mm): 124.46Width (mm): 128.27Width (mm): 133.35Width (mm): 152.4Width (mm): 298.45Width (mm): 54.61Width (mm): 57.43Width (mm): 679.45Width (mm): 68.96Width (mm): 698.5Width (mm): 700.024Width (mm): 701.04Width (mm): 71.99Width (mm): 99.06Width (mm): 996.95