Back Space: 3.625Back Space: 4.5Back Space: 4.75Back Space: 5Back Space: 5.25Back Space: 5.75Bolt Pattern: 5X150Bolt Pattern: 5X4.50Bolt Pattern: 5X5.00Bolt Pattern: 6X135/6X5.50Bolt Pattern: 8X170Bolt Pattern: 8X180Bolt Pattern: 8X6.5Bolt Pattern: 8X6.50Cap Assembly: BOLT ON CLOSEDCap Type: PLASTIC FLAT BLACKCARB Yes/No: NoCCC Mark: NoCCC Mark: YesCenterline Tread Depth 32: 10Centerline Tread Depth 32: 16.5Centerline Tread Depth 32: 20.5Centerline Tread Depth 32: 21Centerline Tread Depth 32: 4Centerline Tread Depth 32: 6.5Circumference (in): 101Circumference (in): 104Circumference (in): 105Circumference (in): 105.3Circumference (in): 110Circumference (in): 115.8Circumference (in): 57Circumference (in): 61Circumference (in): 81Circumference (in): 82.3Circumference (in): 85Circumference (in): 86Circumference (in): 87.8Circumference (in): 88Circumference (in): 94Circumference (in): 99.3Clean Oil: NoCLEAN OIL: YesComp Floatation Designation: 32X10.50R16Comp Floatation Designation: 33X12.50R20Compound Designation: L2Compound Designation: L8Compound Designation: M5Compound Designation: T4Compound Designation: X5DCI Brand Code: BFLWE-Mark: E11-0210269E-Mark: E11-029765E-MARK: E4-0029277E-MARK: E4-0029297E-MARK: E4-0029302E-Mark: NoEmissions : Emission verification to be determined in ACESEquivalent Size: 26X9.50R17Equivalent Size: 27X10.50R18FET: 0.23FET: 1.32FET: 2.36FET: 3.4FET: 4.44FET: 5.48Gross Weight (kg): 12.9Gross Weight (kg): 13.52Gross Weight (kg): 13.61Gross Weight (kg): 18.597Gross Weight (kg): 18.688Gross Weight (kg): 20Gross Weight (kg): 20.3Gross Weight (kg): 20.5Gross Weight (kg): 21.3Gross Weight (kg): 23Gross Weight (kg): 23.6Gross Weight (kg): 23.8Gross Weight (lb): 28.38Gross Weight (lb): 29.744Gross Weight (lb): 29.942Gross Weight (lb): 40.9134Gross Weight (lb): 41.1136Gross Weight (lb): 44Gross Weight (lb): 44.66Gross Weight (lb): 45.1Gross Weight (lb): 46.86Gross Weight (lb): 50.6Gross Weight (lb): 51.92Gross Weight (lb): 52.36Height (mm): 290Height (mm): 340Hub Bore Diameter (in): 3.08267716535433Hub Bore Diameter (in): 3.20905511811024Hub Bore Diameter (in): 4.177Hub Bore Diameter (in): 4.89370078740158Hub Bore Diameter (in): 4.894Hub Bore Diameter (in): 4.92913385826772Hub Bore Diameter (in): 4.93Hub Centering Ring: NoHub Centering Ring: YesI-MARK: 010146/2013I-Mark: NoI-Mark: YesInflated Overall Diamter (in): 18Inflated Overall Diamter (in): 18.1Inflated Overall Diamter (in): 19.5Inflated Overall Diamter (in): 25.6Inflated Overall Diamter (in): 26.18Inflated Overall Diamter (in): 27.1Inflated Overall Diamter (in): 27.3Inflated Overall Diamter (in): 27.95Inflated Overall Diamter (in): 28.1Inflated Overall Diamter (in): 29.9Inflated Overall Diamter (in): 31.61Inflated Overall Diamter (in): 32.2Inflated Overall Diamter (in): 33Inflated Overall Diamter (in): 33.5Inflated Overall Diamter (in): 35Inflated Overall Diamter (in): 36.9Inflated Section Width (in): 10.1Inflated Section Width (in): 10.5Inflated Section Width (in): 10.6Inflated Section Width (in): 10.7Inflated Section Width (in): 10.8Inflated Section Width (in): 11.6Inflated Section Width (in): 12.2Inflated Section Width (in): 12.5Inflated Section Width (in): 13.1Inflated Section Width (in): 13.2Inflated Section Width (in): 13.3Inflated Section Width (in): 16.8Inflated Section Width (in): 17.1Inflated Section Width (in): 17.4Inflated Section Width (in): 20Inflated Section Width (in): 21Inflated Section Width (in): 9.5Inflated Tread Width (in): 10Inflated Tread Width (in): 10.2Inflated Tread Width (in): 10.4Inflated Tread Width (in): 10.8Inflated Tread Width (in): 11.3Inflated Tread Width (in): 14.2Inflated Tread Width (in): 14.5Inflated Tread Width (in): 16.7Inflated Tread Width (in): 17Inflated Tread Width (in): 7.2Inflated Tread Width (in): 7.3Inflated Tread Width (in): 7.8Inflated Tread Width (in): 8.1Inflated Tread Width (in): 8.6Inflated Tread Width (in): 8.98Inflated Tread Width (in): 9.1Inflated Tread Width (in): 9.92International Article Number: 787025493078Legacy SKU M/T: 1113835Legacy SKU M/T: 1113935Legacy SKU M/T: 1113968Legacy SKU M/T: 1113969Legacy SKU M/T: 111587Legacy SKU M/T: 111588Legacy SKU M/T: 111589Legacy SKU M/T: 111635Legacy SKU M/T: 111662Legacy SKU M/T: 111663Legacy SKU M/T: 111664Legacy SKU M/T: 111665Legacy SKU M/T: 111670Legacy SKU M/T: 111673Legacy SKU M/T: 111674Legacy SKU M/T: 111675Legacy SKU M/T: 111676Legacy SKU M/T: 111677Legacy SKU M/T: 111678Legacy SKU M/T: 111679Legacy SKU M/T: 111680Legacy SKU M/T: 111681Legacy SKU M/T: 1119862Legacy SKU M/T: 1119863Legacy SKU M/T: 1119864Legacy SKU M/T: 1119865Legacy SKU M/T: 1119900Legacy SKU M/T: 1119995Legacy SKU M/T: 1119996Legacy SKU M/T: 1119997Legacy SKU M/T: 1119998Legacy SKU M/T: 1119999Legacy SKU M/T: 1120020Legacy SKU M/T: 1130414Legacy SKU M/T: 24968Legacy SKU M/T: 24969Legacy SKU M/T: 25033Legacy SKU M/T: 25034Legacy SKU M/T: 25035Legacy SKU M/T: 30073Legacy SKU M/T: 3058421Legacy SKU M/T: 3552Legacy SKU M/T: 51040Legacy SKU M/T: 51510Legacy SKU M/T: 51640Legacy SKU M/T: 51830Legacy SKU M/T: 51860Legacy SKU M/T: 51870Legacy SKU M/T: 58032Legacy SKU M/T: 58052Legacy SKU M/T: 58053Legacy SKU M/T: 58072Legacy SKU M/T: 58074Legacy SKU M/T: 58085Legacy SKU M/T: 58252Legacy SKU M/T: 58253Legacy SKU M/T: 58273Legacy SKU M/T: 58285Legacy SKU M/T: 58474Legacy SKU M/T: 58485Legacy SKU M/T: 58703Legacy SKU M/T: 58752Legacy SKU M/T: 58759Legacy SKU M/T: 58772Legacy SKU M/T: 58852Legacy SKU M/T: 58859Legacy SKU M/T: 6658Legacy SKU M/T: 6659Legacy SKU M/T: 6673Legacy SKU M/T: 6674Legacy SKU M/T: 9553Legacy SKU M/T: 9555Legacy SKU M/T: 9558Legacy SKU: 30043Legacy SKU: 3197Legacy SKU: 40734Legnth (mm): 565Legnth (mm): 615Life Cycle Status: Available To OrderLine: DEEGAN 38 ALL-TERRAIN(LT)Load Range: BLoad Range: CLoad Range: DLoad Range: ELoad Range: FLoad Range: N/ALoad Range: NALoad Range: STDLoad Range: XLLug Nut Type: 60 DEG BULGE NUTMaximum Dual Imperial Load (lb): 2600Maximum Dual Imperial Load (lb): 2910Maximum Dual Imperial Load (lb): 3085Maximum Dual Imperial Load (lb): 3640Maximum Rim Width (in): 10 INMaximum Rim Width (in): 11 INMaximum Rim Width (in): 12 INMaximum Rim Width (in): 15 INMaximum Rim Width (in): 16 INMaximum Rim Width (in): 17 INMaximum Rim Width (in): 8 INMaximum Rim Width (in): 9 INMaximum Rim Width (in): 9.5 INMaxium Single Imperial Load (lb): 1521Maxium Single Imperial Load (lb): 1929Maxium Single Imperial Load (lb): 2000Maxium Single Imperial Load (lb): 2600Maxium Single Imperial Load (lb): 3195Maxium Single Imperial Load (lb): 3415Maxium Single Imperial Load (lb): 3640Maxium Single Imperial Load (lb): 3860Measuring Rim Width (in): 10Measuring Rim Width (in): 11Measuring Rim Width (in): 14Measuring Rim Width (in): 15Measuring Rim Width (in): 16Measuring Rim Width (in): 7.5Measuring Rim Width (in): 8Measuring Rim Width (in): 8.5Measuring Rim Width (in): 9.5Minimum Rim Width (in): 10Minimum Rim Width (in): 12Minimum Rim Width (in): 14Minimum Rim Width (in): 15Minimum Rim Width (in): 16Minimum Rim Width (in): 7Minimum Rim Width (in): 7.5Minimum Rim Width (in): 8Minimum Rim Width (in): 8.5Minimum Rim Width (in): 9Net Weight (kg): 11.7Net Weight (kg): 12Net Weight (kg): 12.07Net Weight (kg): 16.828Net Weight (kg): 16.941Net Weight (kg): 19.200 kgNet Weight (kg): 19.500 kgNet Weight (kg): 19.700 kgNet Weight (kg): 20.500 kgNet Weight (kg): 22.000 kgNet Weight (kg): 22.800 kgNet Weight (kg): 23.000 kgNet Weight (lb): 22Net Weight (lb): 23Net Weight (lb): 24Net Weight (lb): 25Net Weight (lb): 25.74Net Weight (lb): 26.4Net Weight (lb): 26.554Net Weight (lb): 27Net Weight (lb): 30Net Weight (lb): 34Net Weight (lb): 36Net Weight (lb): 37.0216Net Weight (lb): 37.2702Net Weight (lb): 41Net Weight (lb): 42.24Net Weight (lb): 42.9Net Weight (lb): 43.34Net Weight (lb): 45Net Weight (lb): 45.1Net Weight (lb): 48.4Net Weight (lb): 50.16Net Weight (lb): 50.6Net Weight (lb): 6Net Weight (lb): 8Offset (mm): -12Offset (mm): -32Offset (mm): -44Offset (mm): -45Offset (mm): 18PLY RATING: 10Ply Rating: 4Ply Rating: 6Ply Rating: NoneProduct Line: BAJA BOSSProduct Line: BAJA PRO XProduct Line: CLASSIC BAJA LOCK CAPProduct Line: CLASSIC III CAPProduct Line: DEEGAN 38 ALL-TERRAINProduct Line: DEEGAN 38 CAPProduct Line: ET DRAGProduct Line: ET FRONTProduct Line: ET STREET RProduct Line: SD-5 BLACK CAPProduct Line: SIDEBITER IIProduct Line: SIDEBITER II CAPProduct Line: SPORTSMAN S/RProduct Line: TUBESProduct Size: 15X10Product Size: 17X9Product Size: 18X9Product Size: 20X12Product Size: 20X9Product Size: 22X10Product Size: 22X12Replacement Cap: 90000031901Replacement Cap: 90000031902Replacement Cap: 90000031903Revs Per Mile: 1064Revs Per Mile: 1145Revs Per Mile: 1152Revs Per Mile: 563Revs Per Mile: 592Revs Per Mile: 619Revs Per Mile: 628Revs Per Mile: 644Revs Per Mile: 656Revs Per Mile: 694Revs Per Mile: 738Revs Per Mile: 742Revs Per Mile: 760Revs Per Mile: 767Revs Per Mile: 792Revs Per Mile: 809Rim Diameter: 10Rim Diameter: 15RIM Diameter: 15.0INRIM DIAMETER: 16Rim Diameter: 17Rim Diameter: 18Rim Diameter: 20Rim Diameter: 8Service Description: 103WService Description: 109RService Description: 118QService Description: 119/116SService Description: 119QService Description: 121/118QService Description: 121QService Description: 123/120QService Description: 123/120RService Description: 124QService Description: 125/122SService Description: 125QService Description: 126/123QService Description: 126/123SService Description: 126QService Description: 127QService Description: 128QService Description: 129/126SService Description: 95YSidewall Type: Black SidewallSidewall Type: Logo White LetterSidewall Type: Painted White LetterSIDEWALL TYPE: Raised White LetterSpeed Rating: NoneSpeed Rating: QSPEED RATING: RSpeed Rating: SSpeed Rating: WSpeed Rating: YStamped - Dual Load Index: 118Stamped - Maximum Single Inflation PSI (lb): 50Stamped - Maximum Single Inflation PSI (lb): 51Stamped - Maximum Single Inflation PSI (lb): 65Stamped - Maximum Single Inflation PSI (lb): 80Stamped - Single Load Index: 103Stamped - Single Load Index: 121Stamped - Single Load Index: 123Stamped - Single Load Index: 127Stamped - Single Load Index: 95Suggested Tube: TubelessTire Size: 14.5/32.0-15Tire Size: 18.0/8.0-8Tire Size: 18.0/8.5-8Tire Size: 19.0/8.0-10Tire Size: 245/45R17Tire Size: 255/45R18Tire Size: 26.0/10.0R15Tire Size: 28.0/10.5-15Tire Size: 28.0/10.5-15STire Size: 28.0/9.0-15Tire Size: 28.0/9.0R15Tire Size: 29.5/10.5-15Tire Size: 29.5/10.5-15STire Size: 32.0/14.0-15STTire Size: 33.0/10.5-16WTire Size: 33.0/16.5-15STire Size: 34.5/17.0-16TIRE SIZE: 37X13.50R20LTTIRE SIZE: LT265/75R16TIRE SIZE: LT305/55R20Universal Parts: IncludedUTQG Split: 300-AA-AUTQG Temperature: AUTQG Traction: AAUTQG Treadwear: 300Valve Stem Hole Diameter: 11.4 mmValve Stem included: Novehicle application data.Volume (cubic feet): 1.9Volume (cubic feet): 2.3Volume (cubic feet): 2.6Volume (cubic feet): 3.1Volume (cubic feet): 3.8Volume (cubic feet): 3.9Volume (cubic feet): 4.5Volume (cubic feet): 4.6Volume (cubic feet): 4.8Volume (cubic meter): 0.055Volume (cubic meter): 0.066Volume (cubic meter): 0.073Volume (cubic meter): 0.087Volume (cubic meter): 0.109Volume (cubic meter): 0.11Volume (cubic meter): 0.127Volume (cubic meter): 0.129Volume (cubic meter): 0.137Weight (lb): 19.31Weight (lb): 21.5Weight (lb): 23.15Weight (lb): 24.35Weight (lb): 43.21Weight (lb): 56.88Weight (lb): 60.41Weight (lb): 60.85Weight (lb): 64.38Weight (lb): 65.3Weight (lb): 66.14Weight (lb): 68.56Weight (lb): 69.98Weight (lb): 70.15Weight (lb): 71.87Weight (lb): 76.06Weight (lb): 76.16Weight (lb): 76.5Weight (lb): 77.16Weight (lb): 82.01Weight (lb): 82.45Weight (lb): 90.83Weight (lb): 93.7Wheel Finish: MATTE BLACKWheel Finish: SATIN BLACKWidth (mm): 565Width (mm): 615