1 Ton 4WD 293-4001 Ton 5.0L-5.7L w/A.I.R.1 Ton Chev. Truck 2-4WD 283-4001 Ton Truck/SUV 2-4WD 8.1L3-bolt exhaust adapters3-bolt reducers3/43/4 Ton Truck 283-400 2WD3/4 Ton Truck 4WD 396-4543/4 Ton Truck/SUV 5.0-5.7L58158611986127861288612986130861318 & 61313.614486147661608616186164862096621436214662150621536215662156 & 62153.621966223662276623066260663311651016631168-74 Nova SBC68-76 Cutlass68-79 Nova 283-40068120681306814068143 & 68146.681536815668160681986823068270682786828068290683086860869093 or 69892698306984169890Additional Details: Also Fits Vortec EnginesAdditional Details: For Use on Right Hand Drive Models only.Air Conditioning Notes: 70-Up: LARGE compressor needs bracket 20110; SMALL compressorAir Conditioning Notes: NO AC equipped Gen 1 Camaro or Gen 2 Nova; 70-Up with A/C require bracket 20110.Air Conditioning: NoAir Conditioning: YesAngle Plug and Straight Plug well asAutomatic Transmission - Column: NoAutomatic Transmission - Column: YesAutomatic Transmission - Floor: NoAutomatic Transmission - Floor: Yesbetter performance. Install from top of engine with minimal removal of components. They bolt up to factory exhaust without modification.Bolt Hole Quantity: 2Bolts/Studs Included: YesCatalytic Converter(s) Included: NoChassis Compatibility: Factory Chassis; Porterbuilt Front DropmemberChassis Compatibility: NOT For Vehicles With Offset (right) Engine Position!coated stainless steel headers for 1999-07 2WD Chevy trucks and SUVsCollector Attachment: 2 in.Collector Attachment: 2-1/2 in.Collector Attachment: 3 in.Collector Attachment: StockCollector BoltsCollector Bolts Included: Yescollector flange gasket (when applicable)Collector Size: 2-1/2 in.Collector Size: 3 in.Collector Size: StockCollector Style: 3-Bolt Gasket Style FlangeCollector Style: Ball and Socket Style (Gasketless)Collector Style: Slip-on StyleCollector Style: Stock Collectorcompact design of these headers allows for maximum ground clearance.Contents: headersContents: One EGR gasket.Contents: One Heat riser gasket.Contents: One pair of 2-1/2 in. Diamond gasketsContents: One pair of FlangesContents: One pair of Flanges with starter stubsContents: One pair of Stainless headersContents: One set of EGR gaskets.Contents: One Y-Pipe gasketCrossover Pipe Included: NoCrossover Pipe Included: YesCRX 1.6LCutlassCylinder Head Port Shape: OvalCylinder Head Port Shape: RectangleCylinder Head Port Shape: RoundCylinder Head Port Shape: SquareCylinder Head: Fits Factory GM Aluminum or Cast IronCylinder Head: Stock Profile HeadsDescription: 2 1/2 in. 2-BOLT DIAMOND GASKET for Lakester HeadersDescription: 3-HOLE EGR GASKETDescription: DODGE TRUCK 1996-97 E.G.R. GasketDescription: FORD 4.0L V6- Y-pipe gasketDescription: GENERATOR/ALTERNATOR BRACKET ADAPTER for BRACKET #20010Description: Heat Riser gasket for El CaminoDescription: LEFT SIDE GENERATOR/ALTERNATOR BRACKETDescription: MISTUBISHI ECLIPSE (2.0L DOHC)- Y-pipe gasketDescription: RIGHT SIDE GENERATOR/ALTERNATOR BRACKETDrivetrain: 2WD Only!E.O. #: NoE.O. #: YesEmissions : Electronically AnnouncedEmissions : Legal USEmissions : Not in CAEmissions Notes: EO# D167-27 (click here for covered vehicles in document on ARB.CA.GOV website)Emissions Notes: EO# D167-27 (thru-'80 only) (click for covered vehicles per ARB.CA.GOV document)Emissions Notes: EO# D167-29 (click here for covered vehicles in document on ARB.CA.GOV website)Emissions Notes: EO# D167-33 (click here for covered vehicles in document on ARB.CA.GOV website)Emissions Notes: Not currently legal for sale or use in California. Please call for status updateEmissions Notes: Not legal for sale or use in CaliforniaEmissions Notes: NOT LEGAL FOR STREET USE ON '75-LATER MODEL YEARS! Legal for off-road use only.Engine Notes: CHEVROLET ENGINES Only!Engine Notes: Oldsmobile 260-403 (SB)Engine: Chevy 6.2L V8Engine: Chevy BB 396-454Engine: Chevy BB 396-502Engine: Chevy LS SeriesEngine: Chevy SB 265-400Engine: Chevy SB 283-350 '55-69Engine: Chevy SB 283-400 (Gen 1) 1958-86Engine: Chevy SB 283-400; No close ratio steeringEngine: Oldsmobile 260-403 (SB)Engine: Pontiac 326-455; 59-79Exceptions: NOT FOR EX Models!Exhaust System Dia: 2-1/2 in.Exhaust System Dia: 3 in.F85 350ciFinish Type: BLACK MAXX- Black Ceramic-Metallic CoatingFinish Type: Black PaintedFinish Type: HTC SILVER (polished) Ceramic-metallic CoatingFinish Type: MATTE SILVER Ceramic-metallic coatedFinish Type: RawFinish Type: Uncoated Mild steelFinish Type: Uncoated Stainless SteelFinish: BLACK MAXX Satin Black Ceramic-MetallicFinish: HTC Polished Silver Ceramic-MetallicFinish: Matte Silver Ceramic-MetallicFinish: RawFinish: UncoatedFlange Finish: RawFlange Style: ELITEFlange Style: StandardFlange Thickness: 0.25 in.Flange Thickness: 0.3125 in.Flange Thickness: 0.375 in.Flange Thickness: 3/8 in.Flange Thickness: 5/16 in.For Use On: 2WD Models Only.Gasket Material: Composite Steel ShimGasket Or Seal Included: YesGasket Thickness: 0.0625 in.gaskets (when applicable)hardwarehead and collector flange gasketsHead Flange Boltshead flange gasketHead Flange GasketsHead Flange Gaskets & BoltsHead Style: Factory ProfileHead Type: Factory HeadsHeader Construction: ELITE Heavy-DutyHeader Construction: Standard-DutyHeader Construction: T304 StainlessHeader Finish: BLACK MAXX Satin Black Ceramic-MetallicHeader Finish: HTC Polished Silver Ceramic-MetallicHeader Finish: RawHeader Finish: UncoatedHeader Material: Mild SteelHeader Material: T304 Stainless SteelHeader Port Shape: Oval PortHeader Port Shape: RoundHeader Style: Block Huggers- Street RodHeader Style: Long TubeHeader Style: Mid-Length TubeHeader Style: Short TubeHurst 260-403IMPORTANT!: 4X4IMPORTANT!: Automatic Transmission ONLY!Installation Hardware Included: NoInstallation Hardware Included: YesInstallation Notes: Must modify rotary A/C bracket.Installation Notes: Requires Trans-Dapt Engine Swap Mount Kit 4600 (TH350/700R4) or 4601 (4L60/70E)Installation Notes: These headers are designed for an easier installationKey Feature: 50 State (Non-EGR)Key Feature: 50 State (with A.I.R.)Key Feature: Engine Swap HeadersKey Feature: Non-EGRKey Feature: With A.I.R.Life Cycle Status: Available To OrderManual trans. models w/ Hydraulic clutch. Doesn't work with Slave cylinder.Manual Transmission - Column: NoManual Transmission - Column: YesManual Transmission - Floor: NoManual Transmission - Floor: YesMaterial: Mild SteelMaterial: SteelMaterial: T304 Stainless SteelMaterials: 100% 304 Stainless Steel w/ Black-Maxx; 16g Tubes; 3/8 in. Head FlangesMaterials: 100% 304 Stainless Steel With HTC; 16g Tubes; 3/8 in. Head FlangesMaterials: 100% 304 Stainless Steel- Uncoated; 16g Tubes; 3/8 in. Head Flangesmodify OE bracketMotor Mounts Included: Nomounting hardwareMounting Hardware Included: Yesmounting hardware.NOTCHBACK. 260-403 Olds Engine; Hardtop ONLY!Notes: 01-06 GM 3/4Notes: 10-14 Camaro 6.2LNotes: 1967-81 CamaroNotes: 1978-87 G-Body; 78-83 Skylark; 78-87 Chevrolet passenger cars 283-400 w/ A.I.R.Notes: 2 1/2 in. 2-BOLT DIAMOND GASKET for Lakester HeadersNotes: 2010-15 Camaro 6.2L/7.0LNotes: 3-HOLE EGR VALVE GASKETNotes: 63-82 Corvette 283-400Notes: 64-77 Various Chevy Car 396-502Notes: 64-94 Various Chevy Car 283-400Notes: 67-69 Firebird 326-455Notes: 67-70 Various Chevy Car 283-400Notes: 67-81 CamaroNotes: 67-81 Various Chevy Car 396-502Notes: 67-87 Chev. 1/2Notes: 67-91 1/2Notes: 67-91 Chev. 1/2Notes: 68-77 Olds 442Notes: 70-72 Cutlass SupremeNotes: 70-79 FirebirdNotes: 70-81 Trans-Am 326-455Notes: 71-76 Delta 88Notes: 78-87 Olds 442Notes: 82-87 GM 1/2Notes: 84-86 Corvette 283-400Notes: 88-95 GM 1/2Notes: 96-00 CivicNotes: DODGE TRUCK 1996-97 E.G.R. GasketNotes: El Camino Heat Riser GasketNotes: LS Style Street Rod HeaderNotes: Range Rover 215 V8 EngineNotes: Various 1964-93 Chevy Passenger Cars with 283-400Notes: Various 1971-93 Chevy Passenger Cars with 283-400Notes: Will not fit EX models.Notes: Y-PIPE GASKET- Ford 4.0L V6Notes: Y-PIPE GASKET- Mitsubishi Eclipse 2.0L DOHCO2 Provision: NoO2 Provision: YesO2 Sensors Included: Noor on pollution controlled vehicles.Port Shape: OvalPort Shape: RoundPort Style: RoundPower Steering: NoPower Steering: YesPrimary Tube Diameter (in): 1.50 in.Primary Tube Diameter (in): 1.625 in.Primary Tube Diameter (in): 1.625 in. x 1.75 in.Primary Tube Diameter (in): 1.75 in.Primary Tube Gauge: 14gPrimary Tube Gauge: 16gPrimary Tube Gauge: 18gProduct Details: EARLY CHEVY APPLICATIONSProduct Details: Fits 1970-72 Olds Cutlass Supreme HURST and NOTCHBACK Models with a 260-403 OLDSMOBILE Engine ONLY! Hardtop (non-convertible) ONLY!Product Details: Long tubeProduct Details: The shortProduct Info: HEDMAN replacement 2-1/2 in. 2-bolt diamond flange gasket for Hot Rodz Lakester header kits.Product Info: Hedman replacement heat riser valve gasket for El Caminos.Product Info: HEDMAN replacement y-pipe gasket for Ford 4.0 Liter V6Product Info: HEDMAN replacement y-pipe gasket for Mitsubishi Eclipse 2.0L DOHCProduct Info: Manufactured using 304 Stainless steel then HTC Ceramic-Metallic Coated. Sturdy 3/8 in. Flanges and 16 gauge tubingProduct Info: Manufactured using 304 Stainless steel. Sturdy 3/8 in. Flanges and 16 gauge tubingProduct Info: Manufactured using ALL 304 Stainless steel and HTC Thermal Coated. Sturdy 3/8 in. Flanges and 16 gauge tubingProduct Info: Manufactured using ALL 304 Stainless steel. Sturdy 3/8 in. Flanges and 16 gauge tubingQuantity: Sold as a kit.Quantity: Sold as a pair.Quantity: Sold individually.Reducer Outlet Size: 2-1/2 in.Reducers Included: NoReducers Included: YesReducers.Replacement Gasket: 27160Replacement Gasket: 27470Replacement Gasket: 27500Replacement Gasket: 27520Replacement Gasket: 27530Replacement Gasket: 27550Replacement Gasket: 27600Replacement Gasket: 27650Replacement Gasket: 27800Replacement Head Flange Gasket: 27160Replacement Head Flange Gasket: 27470Replacement Head Flange Gasket: 27500Replacement Head Flange Gasket: 27520Replacement Head Flange Gasket: 27530Replacement Head Flange Gasket: 27550Replacement Head Flange Gasket: 27600Replacement Head Flange Gasket: 27650Replacement Head Flange Gasket: 27800Replacement Y-Pipe Gasket: 27180Roadster Shop Chassissocket style exhaust system adapters (reducers)Special Engine Notes: Designed for use with the SB Chevy engine located in the factory position.Special Engine Notes: For NON-EGR Equipped vehicles; NO Pre-Catsstainless steel headers for 1999-07 2WD Chevy trucks and SUVsTrans Am 326-455Transmission Compatibility: Automatic TransmissionTransmission Compatibility: Manual Trans. must Use TailShaft style crossmember or modify factory crossmemberTransmission Compatibility: Manual TransmissionTransmission Notes: May encounter clutch shaft interference. If soTransmission Notes: Modification to shifter linkage may be required.Tube Design: BLOCK HUGGERSTube Design: LONG TUBESTube Design: MID-LENGTHTube Design: SHORT TUBESTube Design: SHORT TUBES- STEPPEDTube Diameter: 1-1/2 in.Tube Diameter: 1-3/4 in.Tube Diameter: 1-5/8 in.Tube Diameter: 1-5/8 in. x 1-3/4 in.Tube Diameter: 2 in.Tube Diameter: 2-1/2 in.Tube Length: Block HuggersTube Length: Long TubesTube Length: Mid-Length TubesTube Length: Short TubesTube Material Thickness: 14gTube Material Thickness: 16gTube Material Thickness: 18gTube Size: 1-1/2 in.Tube Size: 1-3/4 in.Tube Size: 1-5/8 in.Tube Size: 1-5/8 in. x 1-3/4 in.Tube Size: 2 in.Tube Size: 2-1/2 in.Tube Style: Block HuggersTube Style: Long TubeTube Style: Mid-LengthTube Style: ShortyTuned: NoTuned: YesUniversal Parts: Includeduse 69092Use With: Hedder #s 65003Use With: Hedder #s 65004Variations: 26164Variations: 28150Variations: 28156Variations: 28164Variations: 35270Variations: 35276Variations: 37040Variations: 37046Variations: 39800Variations: 39806Variations: 58060Variations: 58066Variations: 58070Variations: 58076Variations: 58150Variations: 58156Variations: 58160Variations: 58166Variations: 62140Variations: 62520Variations: 62526Variations: 62560 Uncoated ModelVariations: 62566Variations: 62570Variations: 62576Variations: 66191Variations: 66271Variations: 66291Variations: 66301Variations: 66441Variations: 66601Variations: 66611Variations: 66641Variations: 68150Variations: 68196Variations: 68276Variations: 68306Variations: 68311Variations: 68606Variations: 69096Variations: 69236Variations: 69281Variations: 69441Variations: 69471Vehicle Specific Listings: 70-72 Olds Cutlass Supreme HURSTVehicle Use: A-Body (GM) 1968-72Vehicle Use: C10/C15 Trucks and SUVs; 1967-72Vehicle Use: C10/C15 Trucks and SUVs; 1973-87Vehicle Use: F-Body (GM) 1967-69Vehicle Use: F-Body (GM) 1970-74Vehicle Use: X-Body (GM) 1968-74Vista 206-403Vista Cruiser 400-455w/AIR w/Man. TransWater Pump: GM- LongWater Pump: GM- ShortWeld-Up: Nowith A.I.R. System: Nowith A.I.R. System: Yeswith EGR: Nowith EGR: YesY-Pipe Included: NoY-Pipe Included: Yes