Alignment Tool Included: YesAnti Balloon Plate: NoAnti Balloon Plate: YesBalanced: YesBolt Circle Diameter: 10.000 in.Bolt Circle Diameter: 10.500 in.Bolt Circle Diameter: 10.750 in.Bolt Circle Diameter: 11.125 in.Bolt Circle Diameter: 11.4375 in.Bolt Circle Diameter: 11.500 in.Bolt Circle Diameter: 8.875 in.Bolt Hole Size: 0.4375 in.Center Bore Diameter: 1.810 in.Center Bore Diameter: 2.060 in.Center Bore Diameter: 2.066 in.Center Bore Diameter: 2.120 in.Center Bore Diameter: 2.150 in.Center Bore Diameter: 2.160 in.Center Bore Diameter: 2.486 in.Center Bore Diameter: 2.490 in.Center Bore Diameter: 2.498 in.Center Bore Diameter: 2.500 in.Center Bore Diameter: 2.670 in.Center Bore Diameter: 2.750 in.Center Bore Diameter: 3.000 in.Color: BlackColor: OrangeCrank Pilot Diameter: 1.375 in.Crank Pilot Diameter: 1.703 in.Crank Pilot Diameter: 1.810 in.Crank Pilot Diameter: 1.848 in.Diameter (in.): 10.000 in.Diameter (in.): 11.000 in.Diameter (in.): 9.600 in.Disc Diameter: 10.500 in.Disc Diameter: 10.950 in.Disc Diameter: 11.000 in.Disc Diameter: 12.000 in.Disc Diameter: 13.000 in.Disc Material: CeramicDisc Material: OrganicDisc Material: Sintered MetallicDisc Type: Spring HubEmissions : Legal USEngine Balance: ExternalEngine Balance: InternalEngine Balance: NeutralEngine Balance: ZeroEngine Make/Size: Chevy Big BlockEngine Make/Size: Chevy LSEngine Make/Size: Chevy Small BlockEngine Make/Size: Ford ModularEngine Make/Size: Ford Small BlockFinish: 100% CottonFinish: AluminumFinish: NaturalFinish: Semi-GlossFinish: SteelFinish: Zinc DichromateFinish: Zinc PlatedInput Shaft Diameter: 1.000 in.Input Shaft Diameter: 1.0625 in.Input Shaft Diameter: 1.125 in.Input Shaft Diameter: 1.1875 in.Input Shaft Diameter: 1.188 in.Input Shaft Diameter: 1.250 in.Input Shaft Diameter: 1.254 in.Input Shaft Diameter: 1.375 in.Input Shaft Diameter: 1.436 in.Input Shaft Spline Quantity: 10Input Shaft Spline Quantity: 17Input Shaft Spline Quantity: 18Input Shaft Spline Quantity: 21Input Shaft Spline Quantity: 23Input Shaft Spline Quantity: 24Input Shaft Spline Quantity: 26Input Shaft Spline Quantity: 27Input Shaft Spline Quantity: 29Input Shaft Spline Quantity: 30Input Shaft Spline Quantity: 31Input Shaft Spline Quantity: 35Item Weight: 0.690 lbs.Item Weight: 0.750 lbs.Item Weight: 0.880 lbs.Item Weight: 1.000 lbs.Item Weight: 1.130 lbs.Item Weight: 1.190 lbs.Item Weight: 1.200 lbs.Item Weight: 1.630 lbs.Item Weight: 22.750 lbs.Item Weight: 24.690 lbs.Item Weight: 28 oz.Life Cycle Status: Available To OrderLock Up Type: NoLock Up Type: YesLogo Type: HaysMaterial: 100% CottonMaterial: AluminumMaterial: Stamped SteelMaterial: SteelMaximum Horsepower: 442Maximum Horsepower: 450Maximum Horsepower: 458Maximum Horsepower: 505Maximum Horsepower: 558Maximum Horsepower: 600Maximum Horsepower: 611Maximum Horsepower: 622Maximum Horsepower: 632Maximum Horsepower: 650Maximum PSI: 2400Maximum PSI: 2750Pilot Bushing Included: NoPilot Bushing Included: YesPressure Plate Type: Borg and BeckPressure Plate Type: DiaphramPressure Plate Type: LeverSeries: 3/4 RaceSeries: Full RaceSFI Certification: 1.1SFI Certification: 29.1SFI Certification: 29.3Shirt Color: Heather GrayShirt Color: RedShirt Size: LargeShirt Size: MediumShirt Size: SmallShirt Size: X-LargeShirt Size: XX-LargeShirt Style: UnisexSize: LargeSize: MediumSize: SmallSize: X LargeSize: XX LargeSleeve Type: Short SleeveStall Speed (RPM): 2400-2800Stall Speed (RPM): 2800-3200Stall Speed (RPM): 3200-3600Stall Speed (RPM): 3600-4200Stall Speed (RPM): 4200-4500Stall Speed (RPM): 4200-5000Style: UnisexThrowout Bearing Included: NoThrowout Bearing Included: YesTooth Quantity: 130Tooth Quantity: 143Tooth Quantity: 152Tooth Quantity: 153Tooth Quantity: 157Tooth Quantity: 164Tooth Quantity: 166Tooth Quantity: 168Tooth Quantity: 176Tooth Quantity: 184Torque Capacity: 422 ft/lbs.Torque Capacity: 437 ft/lbs.Torque Capacity: 483 ft/lbs.Torque Capacity: 532 ft/lbs.Torque Capacity: 573 ft/lbs.Torque Capacity: 583 ft/lbs.Torque Capacity: 594 ft/lbs.Torque Capacity: 604 ft/lbs.Torque Capacity: 850 ft/lbs.Trans Model: 6L80ETrans Model: 727Trans Model: AODTrans Model: C4Trans Model: C6Trans Model: Chrysler- Torqueflite A727 (Auto) 3 SpeedTrans Model: Chrysler- Torqueflite A904 (Auto) 3 SpeedTrans Model: Ford- 5R55S (Auto) 5 SpeedTrans Model: Ford- AOD (Auto) 4 SpeedTrans Model: Ford- C- 4 (Auto) 3 SpeedTrans Model: Ford- C- 6 (Auto) 3 SpeedTrans Model: Ford- FMX (Auto) 3 SpeedTrans Model: GM- 4L60E (Auto) 4 SpeedTrans Model: GM- 4L80E (Auto) 4 SpeedTrans Model: GM- Powerglide (Auto)2 SpeedTrans Model: GM- TH200 4R (Auto) 4 SpeedTrans Model: GM- TH350 (Auto) 3 SpeedTrans Model: GM- TH350C (Auto) 3 SpeedTrans Model: GM- TH400 (Auto) 3 SpeedTrans Model: GM- TH700 R4 (Auto) 4 SpeedTrans Year: 1962Trans Year: 1963Trans Year: 1964Trans Year: 1965Trans Year: 1967Trans Year: 1968Trans Year: 1972Trans Year: 1977Trans Year: 1980Trans Year: 1982Trans Year: 1984Trans Year: 1987Trans Year: 1992Trans Year: 1993Trans Year: 1994Trans Year: 1997Trans Year: N/A (Race)Transmission Model: 4L60ETransmission Model: 4L60E/4L65ETransmission Model: 4L80ETransmission Model: 5R55Transmission Model: 700R4Transmission Model: 700R4/200R4Transmission Model: AODTransmission Model: AOD 80-UPTransmission Model: C4Transmission Model: C4 Case-FilledTransmission Model: C4 Pan FilledTransmission Model: C6Transmission Model: C6 w/1.375 Crank PilotTransmission Model: C6 w/1.848 Crank PilotTransmission Model: FMXTransmission Model: PowerglideTransmission Model: TF-727Transmission Model: TF-904Transmission Model: TH350Transmission Model: TH350 CTransmission Model: TH400Type: Borg & BeckUniversal Parts: IncludedUse with Power Adder: NoUse with Power Adder: YesUse with Trans-Brake: NoUse with Trans-Brake: YesWARNING CA Proposition 65 Message: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - CA Proposition 65: NoWARNING CA Proposition 65: YesWidth: 0.870 in.Width: 4.750 in.