Add-On: 005AX17135Add-On: 007AR33663SAdd-On: 007AS32695SAdd-On: 007CA0400Add-On: 007IAW405Add-On: 007IAW408Add-On: 012AD25570LAdd-On: 012AD25600Add-On: 012AD25600LAdd-On: 012AD25600STSAdd-On: 012AD25613Add-On: 012AD25620SAdd-On: 012AE25613Add-On: 012AG33639Add-On: 012BC21146Add-On: BT61500-4Add-On: BT61501-SAdd-On: BT61601-SAdd-On: BT71401-SAdd-On: BT71601-SAdd-On: BT71801-2Add-On: K0006B105Add-On: K0013B4Add-On: K0023B100Add-On: K0036XSAdd-On: K0041XSAdd-On: K0083XSAdd-On: K0090XSAdd-On: K0101A3Add-On: K0101A4Add-On: K0104A3Add-On: K0104A4Add-On: K0110XSAdd-On: K0120A125Add-On: K0131A6Add-On: K0134A3Add-On: K0142A3Add-On: K0143ASAdd-On: K0145A3940Add-On: K0146A3Add-On: K0380XSAdd-On: K0396XSAdd-On: K241A6Add-On: K474M96Add-On: K478BSAdd-On: K548M8525APAdd-On: K548M85APAdd-On: K559M85Add-On: K571M855Add-On: K628M875Add-On: K636M86Add-On: K667M865APAdd-On: K683M815APAdd-On: KE103M91APAdd-On: KE154M848Add-On: KE167M96Add-On: KE197M75Add-On: KE239M855Add-On: KE246M86Add-On: PTS503ASAdd-On: PTS505A4Add-On: PTS506A3Add-On: PTS539A3Add-On: PTS581A3Add-On: TR-32Add-On: TR-58170Bob Weight: 1730Bob Weight: 1750Bob Weight: 1775Bob Weight: 1800Bob Weight: 1850Bob Weight: 1875Bob Weight: 1900Bob Weight: 1950Bob Weight: 2150Bob Weight: 2350Bolt Part Number: BT61500-4Bolt Part Number: BT61501-2Bolt Part Number: BT61501-SBolt Part Number: BT61601-2Bolt Part Number: BT61601-SBolt Part Number: BT71401-SBolt Part Number: BT71601-2Bolt Part Number: BT71601-SBolt Part Number: BT71801-2Connecting Rod Finish: Shot-peenedCrankshaft Snout Style: LongCrankshaft Snout Style: StandardEmissions : Legal USEngine Stroke: 100.00Engine Stroke: 3.400Engine Stroke: 3.480Engine Stroke: 3.622Engine Stroke: 3.750Engine Stroke: 3.900Engine Stroke: 4.000Engine Stroke: 4.050Engine Stroke: 4.080Engine Stroke: 4.100Engine Stroke: 4.125Engine Stroke: 4.150Engine Stroke: 4.250Engine Stroke: 4.375Engine Stroke: 4.500Engine Stroke: 88.00Engine Stroke: 94.00Flange Type: 6 BoltFlange Type: 7 BoltFlange Type: 8 BoltIndustry: AutomotiveLength: 1.450Length: 1.500Length: 1.600Length: 1.800Life Cycle Status: Available To OrderLightened: NoLightened: YesMain Bearing Bore Diameter: 2.100Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 2.150Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 2.208Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 2.222Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 2.225Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 2.236Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 2.239Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 2.250Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 2.312Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 2.325Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 2.375Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 2.500Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 45.00Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 46.97Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 47.752Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 48.009Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 49.00Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 49.90Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 50.008Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 50.035Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 50.54Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 51.34Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 52.125Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 53.025Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 53.04Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 53.90Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 55.00Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 55.005Main Bearing Bore Diameter: 55.01Main Bearing Width: 0.831Main Bearing Width: 0.916Main Bearing Width: 0.927Main Bearing Width: 0.930Main Bearing Width: 0.934Main Bearing Width: 0.940Main Bearing Width: 0.978Main Bearing Width: 0.992Main Bearing Width: 0.994Main Bearing Width: 0.995Main Bearing Width: 1.017Main Bearing Width: 1.210Main Bearing Width: 18.85Main Bearing Width: 20.83Main Bearing Width: 21.34Main Bearing Width: 21.77Main Bearing Width: 21.82Main Bearing Width: 21.84Main Bearing Width: 21.87Main Bearing Width: 21.90Main Bearing Width: 23.88Main Bearing Width: 23.98Main Bearing Width: 24.40Main Bearing Width: 24.80Main Bearing Width: 24.94Main Bearing Width: 25.40Main Bearing Width: 25.70Main Bearing Width: 25.96Main Bearing Width: 26.34Main Bearing Width: 26.37Main Bearing Width: 28.30Main Bearings Included: NoMain Journal Diameter: 2.249Main Journal Diameter: 2.450Main Journal Diameter: 2.500Main Journal Diameter: 2.559Main Journal Diameter: 2.650Main Journal Diameter: 2.750Main Journal Diameter: 2.810Main Journal Diameter: 3.000Main Journal Diameter: 57.00Material: 4340 Billet SteelMaterial: 4340 Forged SteelMaterial: ARP 2000 Alloy SteelMaterial: Forged 4340 SteelMounting Hardware Included: YesOut of Stock Message: Call for Availability - 440-497-3100Product Market: DomesticProduct Market: EuropeanProduct Market: Sport CompactRear Main Seal: 1Rear Main Seal: 2Reluctor Ring Included: NoReluctor Ring Included: YesReluctor Wheel Tooth Quantity: 24Reluctor Wheel Tooth Quantity: 32Reluctor Wheel Tooth Quantity: 58Reluctor Wheel Tooth Spacing: 0.130Reluctor Wheel Tooth Spacing: 0.170Rod Bearings Included: NoRod Diameter: 2.000Rod Diameter: 2.100Rod Diameter: 2.125Rod Diameter: 2.200Rod Diameter: 2.375Rod Diameter: 45.00Rod Diameter: 53.00Rod Length: 122.00Rod Length: 128.50Rod Length: 131.50Rod Length: 133.35Rod Length: 134.00Rod Length: 136.00Rod Length: 137.00Rod Length: 138.20Rod Length: 143.70Rod Length: 144.00Rod Length: 145.50Rod Length: 146.25Rod Length: 149.30Rod Length: 150.00Rod Length: 153.00Rod Length: 154.80Rod Length: 161.00Rod Length: 162.00Rod Length: 165.00Rod Length: 5.400Rod Length: 5.700Rod Length: 5.858Rod Length: 5.875Rod Length: 5.933Rod Length: 6.000Rod Length: 6.098Rod Length: 6.123Rod Length: 6.125Rod Length: 6.135Rod Length: 6.200Rod Length: 6.221Rod Length: 6.243Rod Length: 6.250Rod Length: 6.319Rod Length: 6.385Rod Length: 6.480Rod Length: 6.500Rod Length: 6.535Rod Length: 6.625Rod Length: 6.657Rod Length: 6.700Rod Length: 6.760Rod Length: 6.800Rod Length: 6.860Rod Length: 6.950Rod Length: 7.000Rod Length: 7.005Rod Quantity: Sold as a set of 10Rod Quantity: Sold as a set of 4Rod Quantity: Sold as a set of 6Rod Quantity: Sold as a set of 8Rod Quantity: Sold individuallyRod Type: H-BeamRod Type: I-BeamThread: 3/8Thread: 7/16Universal Parts: IncludedWeight Matched Set: NoWeight Matched Set: YesWeight: 30.00Weight: 47.00Weight: 483Weight: 486Weight: 490Weight: 492Weight: 500Weight: 501Weight: 503Weight: 507Weight: 51.00Weight: 510Weight: 513Weight: 516Weight: 52.00Weight: 53.00Weight: 533Weight: 535Weight: 536Weight: 54.00Weight: 540Weight: 55.00Weight: 550Weight: 557Weight: 56.00Weight: 57.00Weight: 58.00Weight: 581Weight: 588Weight: 590Weight: 591Weight: 596Weight: 601Weight: 606Weight: 61.00Weight: 620Weight: 621Weight: 622Weight: 625Weight: 626Weight: 63.00Weight: 634Weight: 635Weight: 639Weight: 644Weight: 645Weight: 654Weight: 656Weight: 658Weight: 659Weight: 660Weight: 662Weight: 71.00Weight: 72.00Weight: 727Weight: 740Weight: 758Weight: 781Weight: 785Weight: 790Weight: 81.00Weight: 82.00Weight: 820Weight: 833Weight: 835Woodruff Key Included: NoWrist Pin Bore Diameter: 0.866Wrist Pin Bore Diameter: 0.901Wrist Pin Bore Diameter: 0.927Wrist Pin Bore Diameter: 0.930Wrist Pin Bore Diameter: 0.945Wrist Pin Bore Diameter: 0.984Wrist Pin Bore Diameter: 0.990Wrist Pin Bore Diameter: 1.000Wrist Pin Bore Diameter: 1.030Wrist Pin Bore Diameter: 19.00Wrist Pin Bore Diameter: 20.00Wrist Pin Bore Diameter: 20.63Wrist Pin Bore Diameter: 21.00Wrist Pin Bore Diameter: 22.00Wrist Pin Bore Diameter: 23.00Wrist Pin Bore Diameter: 24.00Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 0.900Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 0.930Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 0.965Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 0.978Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 0.980Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 0.995Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 1.000Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 1.010Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 1.060Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 1.062Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 1.150Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 1.160Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 1.200Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 18.00Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 18.03Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 19.86Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 20.00Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 20.32Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 21.00Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 21.34Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 21.80Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 21.84Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 22.86Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 23.88Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 23.90Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 23.98Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 24.80Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 24.94Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 24.95Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 25.00Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 25.40Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 25.96Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width: 28.30Wrist Pin Style: Floating