Application: AutomotiveApplication: Race CarBend Angle: 180 DegreeBend Angle: N/ABody Height: 3.500 in.Body Height: 4.000 in.Body Height: 4.500 in.Body Height: 5.000 in.Body Height: 5.500 in.Body Length: 13.000 in.Body Length: 15.000 in.Body Length: 18.000 in.Body Length: 24.000 in.Body Length: 29.000 in.Body Width: 10.000 in.Body Width: 11.000 in.Body Width: 3.500 in.Body Width: 9.500 in.Bolt Hole Size: 0.375 in.Bolt Hole Size: 0.4375 in.Bolt Pattern: 3.500 in.Bolt Pattern: 3.875 in.Bolt Pattern: 4.4375 in.Center Line Radius: N/ACoated Finish: 304 Stainless SteelCoated Finish: BlackCoated Finish: Black CeramicCoated Finish: Ceramic Coated Mild SteelCoated Finish: Ceramic Coated Stainless SteelCoated Finish: ChromeCoated Finish: Metallic CeramicCoated Finish: NaturalCoated Finish: PaintedCoated Finish: PolishedCoated Finish: Silver CeramicCoated Finish: Stainless SteelCollector Diameter: 2.250 in.Collector Diameter: 2.500 in.Collector Diameter: 3.000 in.Collector Diameter: 3.500 in.Collector Diameter: 4.000 in.Collector Gaskets Included: NoCollector Gaskets Included: YesCollector Length: 12.000 in.Collector Tube Size: 1.625 in.Collector Tube Size: 2.250 in.Collector Tube Size: 2.500 in.Collector Tube Size: 2.750 in.Collector Tube Size: 3.000 in.Collector Tube Size: 3.500 in.Collector Tube Size: 4.000 in.Collector Tube Size: OEMColor: BlackColor: NaturalColor: SilverColor: Silver Ceramic FinishDiameter (in.): 2.5 ID/2.5 IDDiameter (in.): 3Emissions : Electronically AnnouncedEmissions : Legal USEmissions : Not in CAEngine Make/Size: AMC 290-401Engine Make/Size: Chevy 230-250Engine Make/Size: Chevy 283-327Engine Make/Size: Chevy 283-400Engine Make/Size: Chevy 292Engine Make/Size: Chevy 4.8LEngine Make/Size: Chevy 5.0LEngine Make/Size: Chevy 5.3LEngine Make/Size: Chevy 5.7L (Vortec)Engine Make/Size: Chevy 6.0L (Vortec)Engine Make/Size: Chevy 6.2LEngine Make/Size: Chevy Big BlockEngine Make/Size: Chevy Big Block (396-454)Engine Make/Size: Chevy LS SeriesEngine Make/Size: Chevy LS2Engine Make/Size: Chevy LS6 GEN III 5.7LEngine Make/Size: Chevy Small BlockEngine Make/Size: Chevy Small Block (262-400)Engine Make/Size: Chevy Small Block LS1Engine Make/Size: Ford 2.3LEngine Make/Size: Ford 255-302Engine Make/Size: Ford 289-351WEngine Make/Size: Ford 3.7LEngine Make/Size: Ford 351-429Engine Make/Size: Ford 351CEngine Make/Size: Ford 351M-400Engine Make/Size: Ford 4.0LEngine Make/Size: Ford 4.6LEngine Make/Size: Ford 4.6L DOHCEngine Make/Size: Ford 4.6L SOHCEngine Make/Size: Ford 429-460Engine Make/Size: Ford 4L-4.6LEngine Make/Size: Ford 5.0LEngine Make/Size: Ford 5.0L CoyoteEngine Make/Size: Ford 5.0L/302Engine Make/Size: Ford 5.4LEngine Make/Size: Ford 5.4L/330Engine Make/Size: Ford Big BlockEngine Make/Size: Ford Flat Head 221-239Engine Make/Size: Ford Small BlockEngine Make/Size: GM 3.8LEngine Make/Size: GM LSEngine Make/Size: Jeep 3.8LEngine Make/Size: Jeep 4.0LEngine Make/Size: Jeep 5.0LEngine Make/Size: Mopar 273-360Engine Make/Size: Mopar 318-360Engine Make/Size: Mopar 345 HemiEngine Make/Size: Mopar 370 HEMIEngine Make/Size: Mopar 383-426Engine Make/Size: Mopar 383-440Engine Make/Size: Mopar 392 HemiEngine Make/Size: Mopar 4.7LEngine Make/Size: Mopar 6.1L HemiEngine Make/Size: Olds 260-350Engine Make/Size: Olds 260-403Engine Make/Size: Olds 350-403Engine Make/Size: Olds 400-455Engine Make/Size: Pontiac 305Engine Make/Size: Pontiac 350-455Engine Make/Size: UniversalExhaust Type: Axle-BackExhaust Type: Cat-BackExhaust Type: DualExhaust Type: Header-BackExhaust Type: Manifold-BackExit Position: DualExit Position: Dual Out RearExit Position: Dual RearExit Position: Dual Side RearExit Position: Dual Split RearExit Position: Dual Split SideExit Position: Quad Split RearExit Position: SingleExit Position: Split DualExit Style: StraightFinish: Black PaintFinish: ChromeFinish: NaturalFinish: PolishedFinish: SilverFinish: Silver Metallic CeramicFinish: Stainless SteelFitting Size: M18 x 1.5 in. ThreadFitting Style: RoundFitting Type: Thread-OnFlange Length: 0.375 in.Flange Type: Square PortGasket Line: MLSGasket Line: P73 Ferroglass Non-AsbestosGasket Or Seal Included: YesGauge: OEMHead Style: Block HuggerHead Style: Long-TubeInlet Connection Type: Clamp-OnInlet Connection Type: Slip-FitInlet Diameter: 2.000 in. (50.8mm)Inlet Diameter: 2.250 in. (57.2mm)Inlet Inside Diameter: 2.000 in.Inlet Inside Diameter: 2.250 in.Inlet Inside Diameter: 2.500 inInlet Inside Diameter: 2.500 in.Inlet Inside Diameter: 2.750 in.Inlet Inside Diameter: 3.000 in.Inlet Outside Diameter: 2.000 in.Inlet Outside Diameter: 2.250 in.Inlet Outside Diameter: 2.500 in.Inlet Outside Diameter: 3.000 in.Inlet Position: CenterInlet Position: OffsetInlet Size: 2.000 in.Inlet Size: 2.250 in.Inlet Size: 2.500 in.Inlet Size: 3.000 in.Inlet Type: Angled Single CenterInlet Type: Single CenterInlet Type: Single OffsetInstalled Height: 37.000 in.Leg/Straight Length: N/ALife Cycle Status: Available Only While Supplies LastLife Cycle Status: Available To OrderLogo Type: FlowtechMain Piping Diameter: 2.000 in.Main Piping Diameter: 2.250 in.Main Piping Diameter: 2.500 in.Main Piping Diameter: 3.000 in.Matching Tube Size: 2.500 in.Material: 304 Stainless SteelMaterial: 409 & 304 Stainless SteelMaterial: 409 Stainless SteelMaterial: 409S Stainless SteelMaterial: AluminizedMaterial: Aluminized SteelMaterial: AluminumMaterial: Chrome Plated SteelMaterial: Mild SteelMaterial: Mild Steel/6061 AluminumMaterial: Stainless SteelMaterial: SteelMaterial: T-409 Stainless SteelMounting Hardware Included: YesMounting: Bolt-OnMuffler Body Length: No MufflerMuffler Count: 1Muffler Type: Glass PackMuffler Type: High Flow Straight ThroughMuffler Type: Straight-ThroughOutlet Outside Diameter: 2.000 in.Outlet Outside Diameter: 2.250 in.Outlet Outside Diameter: 2.500 in.Outlet Outside Diameter: 3.000 in.Outlet Position: CenterOutlet Position: DualOutlet Position: Dual OutletOutlet Position: Dual RearOutlet Position: OffsetOutlet Size: 2.000 in.Outlet Size: 2.250 in.Outlet Size: 2.500 in.Outlet Size: 3.000 in.Outlet Type: DualOutlet Type: Dual OutletOutlet Type: SingleOutlet Type: Single CenterOutlet Type: Single Center OutletOutlet Type: Single Offset OutletOutlet Type: TurnoutOverall Length: 15.000 in.Overall Length: 16.000 in.Overall Length: 18.000 in.Overall Length: 20.000 in.Overall Length: 22.500 in.Overall Length: 24.000 in.Oxygen Sensor Port: NoOxygen Sensor Port: YesPipe Material: Stainless SteelPort Shape: D-PortPort Shape: OvalPort Shape: RectanglePort Shape: RoundPort Shape: Same As Port/Can Be MatchedPort Shape: SquarePort Size: 1.120 in. x 1.480 in.Port Size: 1.230 in. x 1.640 in.Port Size: 1.250 in. x 1.750 in.Port Size: 1.260 in. x 2.100 in.Port Size: 1.330 in. x 1.850 in.Port Size: 1.380 in. x 1.800 in.Port Size: 1.440 in. x 1.890 in.Port Size: 1.450 in. x 1.480 in.Port Size: 1.450 in. x 1.940 in.Port Size: 1.500 in. x 1.820 in.Port Size: 1.600 in.Port Size: 1.630 in.Port Size: 1.900 in.Port Size: 2.150 in.Position: N/APosition: RearPrimary Tube Diameter: 1.500 in.Primary Tube Diameter: 1.625 in.Primary Tube Diameter: 1.750 in.Primary Tube Diameter: 1.875 in.Primary Tube Diameter: 2.000 in.Primary Tube Diameter: 2.250 in.Primary Tube Diameter: 2.500 in.Primary Tube Diameter: 3.000 in.Shape: BulletShape: OvalShape: RoundShape: Round SlashStyle: Chevy F TypeStyle: Chevy GeneratorStyle: Double SlipStyle: One PieceSystem Type: Axle BackSystem Type: Cat BackSystem Type: Header BackSystem Type: Manifold BackTail Pipe Diameter: 2.250 in.Tail Pipe Diameter: 2.500 in.Tail Pipe Diameter: 2.750 in.Tail Pipe Diameter: 3.000 in.Tail Pipe Diameter: 3.500 in.Thickness: 0.062 in.Thickness: 0.120 in.Thickness: 0.125 in.Thickness: 0.500 in.Tip Diameter: 2.500 in.Tip Diameter: 3.500 in.Tip Diameter: 4.000 in.Tip Diameter: N/ATip Finish: 304 stainlessTip Quantity: 0Tip Quantity: 1Total Part VIO: 429839Tube Diameter: 1.500 in.Tube Diameter: 1.625 in.Tube Diameter: 1.750 in.Tube Diameter: 1.875 in.Tube Diameter: 2.000 in.Tube Diameter: 2.250 in.Tube Diameter: 2.500 in.Tube Diameter: 3.000 in.Tube Direction: Down SweptTube Direction: Up SweptTube Direction: UprightTube Material: Stainless SteelTubing Diameter: 2.250 in.Tubing Diameter: 2.500 in.Tubing Diameter: 2.750 in.Tubing Diameter: 3.000 in.Universal Parts: IncludedUsage: AutomotiveWARNING CA Proposition 65 Message: WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm CA Proposition 65 Message: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - CA Proposition 65 Message: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - CA Proposition 65: NoWARNING CA Proposition 65: YesWith Bolts: 3