Active Exhaust Valves: NoActive Exhaust Valves: YesAFM Valves Included: NoAFM Valves Included: YesAFR 165/185Air Tubes Included: NoAir Tubes Included: YesBend Type: 180Bend Type: 45Bend Type: 90Bend Type: J-BendBody Size: 2-1/2 x 4-1/8Body Size: 3Body Size: 3-1/2Body Size: 4Body Size: 4 x 8 x 14Body Size: 4-1/4Body Size: 4-3/4Body Size: 5Body Size: 5 x 9 x 14Body Size: 5-1/8Body Size: 5-3/4Body Size: 5-3/8 x11-3/8Body Size: 8 x 5Bolt Pattern: 2 Inch Wide Bolt PatternBolt Pattern: 2-3/4 Inch Wide DiagonalBolt Pattern: 2-3/4 Inch Wide Horizontal In-LineBolt Pattern: 3 Inch Wide Horizontal In-LineBrodix St.California Legal: NoCalifornia Legal: YesCell Count: 100Cell Count: 200Center To Center: 4-1/2Center To Center: 4-1/8Collector Outlet Size: 2Collector Outlet Size: 2-1/2Collector Outlet Size: 2-1/4Collector Outlet Size: 2-17/20Collector Outlet Size: 3Collector Outlet Size: 3-1/2Collector Outlet Size: 4Collector Outlet Size: 4-1/2Collector Outlet Size: 5Collector Type: 2-Way Form CollectorCollector Type: 3-Way Form CollectorCollector Type: 4-Way Form CollectorCollector Type: 4-Way Merge CollectorCollector Type: Form CollectorConnection Point: Aftermarket ConnectConnection Point: FactoryConnection Point: Factory & Performance ConnectConnection Point: Factory ConnectConnection Point: Headers & ExhaustConnection Point: Perfomance ConnectConnection Point: Performance ConnectCore Size: 2Core Size: 2-1/2Core Size: 2-1/4Core Size: 3-1/2Core Size: 4Core Size: 4-1/2Core Size: 5Crossover Style: H-PipeCrossover Style: ResonaterCrossover Style: ResonatorCrossover Style: X-PipeCrossover Style: X-Pipe & Y-PipeCrossover Style: Y-PipeCylinder Head: AFR 205/225Cylinder Head: Brodix T1 F STDCylinder Head: Brodix T1 F STD XCylinder Head: Edelbrock Victor JrDart 170/195Dart 210/225Emissions: High-Flow CatsEmissions: NoneEmissions: Off-RoadExhaust Size: 1-1/2Exhaust Size: 1-3/4Exhaust Size: 1-7/8Exhaust Size: 2Exhaust Size: 2-1/2Exhaust Size: 2-1/4Exhaust Size: 2-3/4Exhaust Size: 3Exhaust Size: 3-1/2Exhaust Size: 4Exhaust Size: 5Exhaust Size: 6Exhaust Size: 6-1/2Fabrication Required: 3Fabrication Required: NoFabrication Required: YesFinish: Matte BlackFinish: MillFinish: PolishedFord Performance Z304Header Type: DragsterHeader Type: Long TubeHeader Type: ShortHeader Type: ShortyHeader Type: TurboHole Size: 3/8Inlet Size: 2Inlet Size: 2-1/2Inlet Size: 2-1/2 IDInlet Size: 2-1/4Inlet Size: 3Inlet Size: 3-1/2Inlet Size: 4Inlet Size: 4-1/2Inlet Size: 5Inlet/Outlet Position: Center Inlet/Offset OutletInlet/Outlet Position: Center Inlet/OuletInlet/Outlet Position: Center Inlet/OutletInlet/Outlet Position: Offset Inlet/Center OutletInlet/Outlet Position: Opposite-Side OffsetInlet/Outlet Position: Same-Side OffsetLength: 1Length: 10Length: 10-1/2Length: 10-3/4Length: 11Length: 12Length: 13-1/2Length: 18Length: 18 to 34 LongLength: 2Length: 24Length: 3Length: 30Length: 4Length: 5Length: 5-1/4Length: 6Length: 6-1/4Length: 7Length: 7-3/4Length: 8Length: 8-1/2Length: 8-1/4Length: 9Length: 9-1/2Length: 9-3/4Material: 304 Stainless SteelMaterial: Carbon SteelMaterial: High Temp SiliconeMaterial: X-PipeMuffler Style: Chambered RoundMuffler Style: Dual OutletMuffler Style: Long ChamberedMuffler Style: Long S-TubeMuffler Style: Race MufflerMuffler Style: Rap TrapMuffler Style: Smooth OvalMuffler Style: Smooth TubeMuffler Style: Transverse TurboMuffler Style: Turbo ChamberedMuffler Style: Turbo CustomMuffler Style: Turbo S-TubeMuffler Style: Turn DownMuffler Style: Vintage RoundMuffler Style: X-PipeMuffler Style: YesOutlet Size: 2Outlet Size: 2-1/2Outlet Size: 2-1/4Outlet Size: 3Outlet Type: Dual Outlet Single TipOutlet Type: Dual Outlet Twin TipOutlet Type: Dual TipOutlet Type: Quad TipOutlet Type: Single Oulet Single TipOutlet Type: Single Oulet Twin TipOutlet Type: Single Outlet Dual TipOutlet Type: Single Outlet Single TipOutlet Type: Single Outlet Twin TipPort Type: D-PortPort Type: Flat OvalPort Type: Flat RectangularPort Type: Flat Tall OvalPort Type: RectangularPort Type: RoundPort Type: SquarePort Type: Squared OvalPort Type: Wide OvalPort Type: Wide RectangularPrimary Tube Size: 1-1/2Primary Tube Size: 1-3/4Primary Tube Size: 1-5/8Primary Tube Size: 1-7/8Primary Tube Size: 1-7/8 / 2Primary Tube Size: 2Primary Tube Size: 2-1/2Primary Tube Size: 2-1/4Primary Tube Size: 2-1/4 Stepped To 2-3/8Primary Tube Size: 2-1/8Primary Tube Size: 2-3/8Primary Tube Size: 2-3/8 Stepped To 2-1/2Pro ToplineSound Type: LegendSVO 351 NSVO/GT40Tip Body Size: 1 x 8Tip Body Size: 1-1/2 x 8-1/2Tip Body Size: 11-15/16 x 5Tip Body Size: 2Tip Body Size: 2-1/2Tip Body Size: 2-1/4Tip Body Size: 2-1/4 x 4-1/8Tip Body Size: 2-3/8 x 3-1/4Tip Body Size: 2-5/8 x 5-3/4Tip Body Size: 2-5/8 x 7Tip Body Size: 2-5/8 x 9Tip Body Size: 2-5/8 x 9-1/2Tip Body Size: 3Tip Body Size: 3 x 6Tip Body Size: 3-1/2Tip Body Size: 3-5/8 x 6-5/8Tip Body Size: 4Tip Body Size: 5Tip Body Size: 5-5/8 x 8-1/4Tip Finish: BlackTip Finish: Matte BlackTip Finish: MillTip Finish: OEMTip Finish: PolishedTip Finish: Slash CutTip Style: BellTip Style: Big OvalTip Style: Big Oval Through BodyTip Style: BoxxterTip Style: Elf EarTip Style: Extended Turn DownTip Style: Factory StyleTip Style: Factory TypeTip Style: Flat OvalTip Style: Oval Through BodyTip Style: Pencil CutTip Style: Resonated Y-PipeTip Style: Rolled EdgeTip Style: Rolled Edge / Slant CutTip Style: Short Turn DownTip Style: Slash CutTip Style: Straight CutTip Style: Teardrop Through BodyTip Style: Turn DownTip Style: Uses OEM TipsTip Style: Wide OvalTip Style: Wide Oval Slash CutTip Style: Y-PipeTip Style: Y-Pipe Wide OvalTip Style: Y-Style Slash CutTip Style: Y-TipTip Type: Double WallTip Type: SingleTip Type: Single WallTrick Flow HPTrick Flow Twisted WedgeTrickflowTubing Size: 1-1/2Tubing Size: 1-3/4Tubing Size: 1-5/8Tubing Size: 1-7/8Tubing Size: 2Tubing Size: 2-1/2Tubing Size: 2-1/4Tubing Size: 2-1/8Tubing Size: 2-3/8Tubing Size: 3Tubing Size: 3-1/2Tubing Size: 4Tubing Size: 4-1/2Tubing Size: 5Twisted WedgeUniversal Parts: IncludedVictor IIWall Thickness: .049Wall Thickness: .065Wall Thickness: .083World Windsor Jr/Sr