000000-5000-6000-6400000-6600200200-5200-6400500500-5500-6600600-5800800-5800-6900-5Adjusting Nut Height: 2.515Advertised Exhaust Duration: 258Advertised Exhaust Duration: 264Advertised Exhaust Duration: 270Advertised Exhaust Duration: 276Advertised Exhaust Duration: 282Advertised Exhaust Duration: 288Advertised Exhaust Duration: 290Advertised Exhaust Duration: 294Advertised Exhaust Duration: 300Advertised Exhaust Duration: 302Advertised Exhaust Duration: 303Advertised Exhaust Duration: 306Advertised Exhaust Duration: 314Advertised Intake Duration: 252Advertised Intake Duration: 258Advertised Intake Duration: 264Advertised Intake Duration: 270Advertised Intake Duration: 276Advertised Intake Duration: 282Advertised Intake Duration: 283Advertised Intake Duration: 284Advertised Intake Duration: 288Advertised Intake Duration: 294Advertised Intake Duration: 296Advertised Intake Duration: 300Advertised Intake Duration: 308Amazon ASIN: B00062Y9T0Amazon ASIN: B00062Y9WCAmazon ASIN: B00062YEG8Amazon ASIN: B00062YEMCAmazon ASIN: B00062YEMWAmazon ASIN: B00062YENGAmazon ASIN: B00062YEOKAmazon ASIN: B00062YEP4Amazon ASIN: B00062YEPEAmazon ASIN: B00062YGZMAmazon ASIN: B00062YH06Amazon ASIN: B00062YH0GAmazon ASIN: B00062YH38Amazon ASIN: B00062YH4MAmazon ASIN: B00062YH6UAmazon ASIN: B00062YH7YAmazon ASIN: B00062YH88Amazon ASIN: B00062YH8IAmazon ASIN: B00062YH92Amazon ASIN: B00062YH9MAmazon ASIN: B00062YH9WAmazon ASIN: B00062YHB0Amazon ASIN: B00062YHC4Amazon ASIN: B00062YHCEAmazon ASIN: B00062YHIIAmazon ASIN: B00062YHLAAmazon ASIN: B00062YHMEAmazon ASIN: B00062YHMOAmazon ASIN: B00062YRCYAmazon ASIN: B00062Z8FYAmazon ASIN: B00062Z8GIAmazon ASIN: B00062Z8P4Amazon ASIN: B00062Z8Q8Amazon ASIN: B00062Z8QIAmazon ASIN: B00062Z8QSAmazon ASIN: B00062Z8R2Amazon ASIN: B00062Z8RCAmazon ASIN: B00062Z8RWAmazon ASIN: B00062Z8VSAmazon ASIN: B00062Z8ZYAmazon ASIN: B00062Z90IAmazon ASIN: B00062Z912Amazon ASIN: B00062Z91MAmazon ASIN: B00062Z926Amazon ASIN: B00062Z95IAmazon ASIN: B00062Z96MAmazon ASIN: B00062Z976Amazon ASIN: B00062Z97QAmazon ASIN: B00062Z9J4Amazon ASIN: B00062Z9JOAmazon ASIN: B00062Z9K8Amazon ASIN: B00062Z9KSAmazon ASIN: B00062Z9LCAmazon ASIN: B00062Z9LWAmazon ASIN: B00062Z9MGAmazon ASIN: B00062Z9NAAmazon ASIN: B00062Z9O4Amazon ASIN: B00062Z9OOAmazon ASIN: B00062Z9PIAmazon ASIN: B00062Z9PSAmazon ASIN: B00062Z9QWAmazon ASIN: B00062Z9R6Amazon ASIN: B00062Z9RGAmazon ASIN: B00062Z9S0Amazon ASIN: B00062Z9SUAmazon ASIN: B00062Z9T4Amazon ASIN: B00062Z9TEAmazon ASIN: B00062Z9TYAmazon ASIN: B00062Z9UIAmazon ASIN: B00062Z9USAmazon ASIN: B00062Z9XKAmazon ASIN: B00062Z9XUAmazon ASIN: B00062Z9YYAmazon ASIN: B00062Z9ZIAmazon ASIN: B00062ZA0WAmazon ASIN: B00062ZA2UAmazon ASIN: B00062ZA4IAmazon ASIN: B00062ZA52Amazon ASIN: B000630JWUAmazon ASIN: B000CESFPGAmazon ASIN: B000CESFQUAmazon ASIN: B000CIO9V6Amazon ASIN: B000CIQ9VYAmazon ASIN: B000CIQ9X2Amazon ASIN: B000CIS8CCAmazon ASIN: B000CIS8DQAmazon ASIN: B000CIUCIAAmazon ASIN: B000CIUCJ4Amazon ASIN: B000CIUCZSAmazon ASIN: B000CIUD02Amazon ASIN: B000CIUD0MAmazon ASIN: B000CIUDR0Amazon ASIN: B000N5MXAWAmazon ASIN: B000P599MKAmazon ASIN: B000P599XYAmazon ASIN: B000P59AROAmazon ASIN: B000P59AT2Amazon ASIN: B000P5BD2YAmazon ASIN: B000P5BHMUAmazon ASIN: B000P5DB24Amazon ASIN: B000P5DDUOAmazon ASIN: B000P5DE12Amazon ASIN: B000P5DEMGAmazon ASIN: B000P5GBX0Amazon ASIN: B000V9AY6KAmazon ASIN: B000V9AY7YAmazon ASIN: B000V9CV66Amazon ASIN: B000V9HYGIAmazon ASIN: B000V9HYGSAmazon ASIN: B000V9HYHWAmazon ASIN: B0014F1HM0Amazon ASIN: B0014F1HSEAmazon ASIN: B0014F1HUCAmazon ASIN: B0014F35MKAmazon ASIN: B001G8GB7QAmazon ASIN: B001G8L298Amazon ASIN: B001G8L2DYAmazon ASIN: B001G8L4GEAmazon ASIN: B001G8MZBWAmazon ASIN: B001G8MZHGAmazon ASIN: B001G8MZP8Amazon ASIN: B001G8N066Amazon ASIN: B001G8N0BQAmazon ASIN: B001G8N0IYAmazon ASIN: B001G8OJRAAmazon ASIN: B001G8OJUCAmazon ASIN: B001G8OK38Amazon ASIN: B001G8OK8SAmazon ASIN: B001G8OLG4Amazon ASIN: B001G8QISSAmazon ASIN: B001G8SQI8Amazon ASIN: B001G96PASAmazon ASIN: B001G9AU0OAmazon ASIN: B001G9BBKCAmazon ASIN: B001G9DDNAAmazon ASIN: B001G9DW72Amazon ASIN: B001G9EMJOAmazon ASIN: B001GBO8BYAmazon ASIN: B001GBPOKSAmazon ASIN: B001GBQ6QOAmazon ASIN: B001GBRZXMAmazon ASIN: B001GBSKAYAmazon ASIN: B001GBTQSEAmazon ASIN: B001GBTQTIAmazon ASIN: B001GBVJ7KAmazon ASIN: B001GBVJFCAmazon ASIN: B001GBVQGYAmazon ASIN: B001GBVQI2Amazon ASIN: B001GBVQKUAmazon ASIN: B001GBVS3KAmazon ASIN: B001GBVS8AAmazon ASIN: B001GBW0V4Amazon ASIN: B001GBW1FOAmazon ASIN: B001GBXJPUAmazon ASIN: B001GBXJU0Amazon ASIN: B001GCAK5QAmazon ASIN: B001GENX3AAmazon ASIN: B001GERN68Amazon ASIN: B001GERN72Amazon ASIN: B001GERN7CAmazon ASIN: B001GFPRYCAmazon ASIN: B001GFQ138Amazon ASIN: B001O065GIAmazon ASIN: B001O079ZOAmazon ASIN: B001O07DEQAmazon ASIN: B001O09M1SAmazon ASIN: B001O0BYDMAmazon ASIN: B001O0C2LKAmazon ASIN: B001O0FWLWAmazon ASIN: B001R98G18Amazon ASIN: B001R98GFOAmazon ASIN: B001R99OSCAmazon ASIN: B001R99PZYAmazon ASIN: B001R9BSVIAmazon ASIN: B001R9BTEOAmazon ASIN: B001R9BU66Amazon ASIN: B001R9BUIOAmazon ASIN: B001R9BUJ8Amazon ASIN: B001R9DRX0Amazon ASIN: B001R9DRYEAmazon ASIN: B001R9DSE8Amazon ASIN: B001R9DSEIAmazon ASIN: B001R9DSF2Amazon ASIN: B001R9DSGQAmazon ASIN: B001R9FISWAmazon ASIN: B001R9FJAOAmazon ASIN: B001R9FKMQAmazon ASIN: B001R9H7Z4Amazon ASIN: B001R9H96GAmazon ASIN: B001R9H99SAmazon ASIN: B002EDT3IQAmazon ASIN: B002EDX35AAmazon ASIN: B002EDX3W8Amazon ASIN: B002EDX7MOAmazon ASIN: B002EDX81EAmazon ASIN: B002EDX89QAmazon ASIN: B002EDX8SCAmazon ASIN: B002EDXARQAmazon ASIN: B002EDXB16Amazon ASIN: B002EDXCQ0Amazon ASIN: B002EDXE36Amazon ASIN: B002EDXEUEAmazon ASIN: B002EDYFGGAmazon ASIN: B002EDYGTCAmazon ASIN: B002EDYHLYAmazon ASIN: B002EDYIUYAmazon ASIN: B002EDYKHKAmazon ASIN: B002EDYM64Amazon ASIN: B002EDYMFKAmazon ASIN: B002EDZICQAmazon ASIN: B002EE07B2Amazon ASIN: B002EE09H4Amazon ASIN: B002EE0D1QAmazon ASIN: B002EE0EFQAmazon ASIN: B002EE0FO6Amazon ASIN: B002EE0GLIAmazon ASIN: B002EE0JF6Amazon ASIN: B002EE27FQAmazon ASIN: B002EE27ZGAmazon ASIN: B002EE2C9WAmazon ASIN: B002EE2CTCAmazon ASIN: B002EE2DD2Amazon ASIN: B002EE2FCQAmazon ASIN: B002EE2FIKAmazon ASIN: B002EE2GDYAmazon ASIN: B002EE4DLWAmazon ASIN: B002EE4FBKAmazon ASIN: B002EE4FW4Amazon ASIN: B002EE4GQYAmazon ASIN: B002EE4HT0Amazon ASIN: B002EE4KOWAmazon ASIN: B002EE67FCAmazon ASIN: B002EE67XOAmazon ASIN: B002EE6CHUAmazon ASIN: B002EE6DZGAmazon ASIN: B002EE6EMSAmazon ASIN: B002EE6FAOAmazon ASIN: B002EE6I38Amazon ASIN: B002EE6IKQAmazon ASIN: B002EE6IU6Amazon ASIN: B002EE6IYCAmazon ASIN: B003C3OILEAmazon ASIN: B003HGPL8KAmazon ASIN: B0046ZEAUQAmazon ASIN: B0046ZEB78Amazon ASIN: B0046ZFYCOAmazon ASIN: B0046ZFYFQAmazon ASIN: B0046ZG89WAmazon ASIN: B0046ZJBF0Amazon ASIN: B0046ZLFMMAmazon ASIN: B004RUXCMMAmazon ASIN: B005H89PFQAmazon ASIN: B005H89QUUAmazon ASIN: B005H89R3QAmazon ASIN: B005H89R4KAmazon ASIN: B005H89TGQAmazon ASIN: B005H89TJSAmazon ASIN: B005H89TO8Amazon ASIN: B005H89TPWAmazon ASIN: B005H89TSYAmazon ASIN: B0066SXS9AAmazon ASIN: B0066SY7LSAmazon ASIN: B0066T03CYAmazon ASIN: B007KGN3N8Amazon ASIN: B007KH20BSAmazon ASIN: B008DQ8XNYAmazon ASIN: B0097295L2Amazon ASIN: B0097296Q6Amazon ASIN: B00CWZV1WMAmazon ASIN: B00CWZV47YAmazon ASIN: B00CWZV4YCAmazon ASIN: B00CWZVVTAAmazon ASIN: B00EIEK0K4Amazon ASIN: B00MDXWBCMAmazon ASIN: B00N6LQRUMAmazon ASIN: B01I4ZWT7OAmazon ASIN: B07M9GWMC5Amazon ASIN: B07MK8RZF9Amazon ASIN: B07MNHMWPXAmazon ASIN: N/AAssembly Lubricant Included: NoBase Thread Diameter: 3/8Base Thread Diameter: 7/16Base Thread Diameter: 8Base Thread Length: 0.58Base Thread Length: 0.68Base Thread Length: 0.71Base Thread Length: 0.735Base Thread Length: 0.75Base Thread Length: 0.8Base Thread Length: 0.825Base Thread Length: 1.68Basic Operating RPM Range: 1Basic Operating RPM Range: 2Basic Operating RPM Range: 3Basic Operating RPM Range: 600-4Basic Operating RPM Range: 800-4but must be a race/competition only vehicle.but must meet tailpipe emission standards for year of vehicle.C.A.R.B. E.O. Number: N/AC.A.R.B. E.O. Number: No impact on pollution output of vehicle.C.A.R.B. Exempt for California Certified Vehicles Manufactured Before 1965?: YesC.A.R.B. Exempt for Federally Certified Vehicles Manufactured Before 1967?: YesC.A.R.B. Exempt for Foreign Vehicles Manufactured Before 1967?: YesC.A.R.B. Exempt for On-Road Vehicles?: NoC.A.R.B. Exempt for On-Road Vehicles?: YesC.A.R.B. Exempt for Racing and Off-Road Only Vehicles?: YesC.A.R.B. Exemption Reason: N/AC.A.R.B. Exemption Reason: No impact on pollution output of vehicle.Cam Type: Hydraulic RollerCamshaft Gear Attachment: 3-BoltCamshaft Material: Austempered Ductile IronCamshaft Series: ThumprCamshaft Series: Xtreme EnergyCamshaft Series: Xtreme Energy Computer ControlledCamshaft Series: Xtreme MarineCoil Bind Height: 0.9Coil Bind Height: 0.92Coil Bind Height: 0.928Coil Bind Height: 0.97Coil Bind Height: 1.01Coil Bind Height: 1.02Coil Bind Height: 1.04Coil Bind Height: 1.05Coil Bind Height: 1.06Coil Bind Height: 1.065Coil Bind Height: 1.07Coil Bind Height: 1.085Coil Bind Height: 1.09Coil Bind Height: 1.1Coil Bind Height: 1.115Coil Bind Height: 1.125Coil Bind Height: 1.13Coil Bind Height: 1.135Coil Bind Height: 1.14Coil Bind Height: 1.140Coil Bind Height: 1.145Coil Bind Height: 1.15Coil Bind Height: 1.16Coil Bind Height: 1.161Coil Bind Height: 1.165Coil Bind Height: 1.17Coil Bind Height: 1.175Coil Bind Height: 1.184Coil Bind Height: 1.195Coil Bind Height: 1.2Coil Bind Height: 1.203Coil Bind Height: 1.225Coil Bind Height: 1.23Coil Bind Height: 1.26Coil Bind Height: 1.28Compatible .520" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4695-1Compatible .570" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4640-1Compatible .570" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4677-1Compatible .570" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4682-1Compatible .570" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4693-1Compatible .570" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4694-1Compatible .570" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4696-1Compatible .570" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4705-1Compatible .570" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4711-1Compatible .570" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4714-1Compatible .570" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4731-1Compatible .570" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4770-1Compatible .570" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4771-1Compatible .570" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4772-1Compatible .570" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4774-1Compatible .570" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4776-1Compatible .570" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4780-1Compatible .570" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4781-1Compatible .570" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4785-1Compatible .570" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4786-1Compatible .570" Guide Diameter Spring Seats: 4774-1Compatible .570" Guide Diameter Spring Seats: 4786-1Compatible .630" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4697-1Compatible .630" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4773-1Compatible .630" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4775-1Compatible .630" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4777-1Compatible .630" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4780-1Compatible .630" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4782-1Compatible .630" Guide Diameter Spring Seat: 4783-1Compatible Lock: 11Compatible Lock: 623-1Compatible Lock: 638-1Compatible Lock: 648-1Compatible Lock: 648-16Compatible Lock: 7Compatible Retainer: 1779-1Compatible Retainer: 717-1Compatible Retainer: 731-1Compatible Retainer: 732-1Compatible Retainer: 733-1Compatible Retainer: 736-1Compatible Retainer: 739-1Compatible Retainer: 740-1Compatible Retainer: 741-1Compatible Retainer: 744-1Compatible Retainer: 748-1Compatible Retainer: 749-1Compatible Retainer: 750-1Compatible Retainer: 751-1Compatible Retainer: 754-1Compatible Retainer: 763-1Compatible Retainer: 768-1Compatible Retainer: 779-1Compatible Retainer: 785-1Compatible Retainer: 788-1Compatible Retainer: 792-1Compatible Retainer: 795-1Compatible Retainer: 799-1Compatible Shims: 4753Compatible Shims: 4754Compatible Shims: 4755Compatible Shims: 4756Compatible Shims: 4757Compatible Shims: 4786Compatible Spring Cup (O.D. Locator): 4698-1Compatible Spring Cup (O.D. Locator): 4700-1Compatible Spring Cup (O.D. Locator): 4702-1Compatible Spring Cup (O.D. Locator): 4704-1Compatible Spring Cup (O.D. Locator): 4708-1Compatible Spring Cup (O.D. Locator): 4709-1Compatible Spring Cup (O.D. Locator): 4769-1Compatible Spring Cup (O.D. Locator): 4779-1Damper: NoDamper: YesDiameter 1: 0.9Diameter 1: 0.93Diameter 1: 0.948Diameter 1: 0.96Diameter 1: 1.14Diameter 1: 1.15Diameter 1: 1.19Diameter 1: 1.2Diameter 1: 1.23Diameter 1: 1.235Diameter 1: 1.24Diameter 1: 1.25Diameter 1: 1.32Diameter 1: 1.375Diameter 1: 1.387Diameter 1: 1.4Diameter 1: 1.437Diameter 1: 1.439Diameter 1: 1.45Diameter 1: 1.485Diameter 1: 1.5Diameter 2: 0.57Diameter 2: 0.63Diameter 2: 0.64Diameter 2: 0.654Diameter 2: 0.725Diameter 2: 0.73Diameter 2: 0.86Diameter 2: 0.87Diameter 2: 0.91Diameter 2: 0.945Diameter 2: 1.005Diameter 2: 1.035Diameter 2: 1.06Diameter 2: 1.065Diameter 2: 1.098Diameter 2: 1.1Diameter 2: 1.107Diameter 2: 1.11Diameter 2: 1.115Diameter 2: 1.12Diameter 2: 1.135Diameter 2: 1.14Diameter 2: 1.177Diameter 2: 1.18Diameter 3: 0.6Diameter 3: 0.61Diameter 3: 0.63Diameter 3: 0.645Diameter 3: 0.65Diameter 3: 0.675Diameter 3: 0.69Diameter 3: 0.7Diameter 3: 0.707Diameter 3: 0.71Diameter 3: 0.73Diameter 3: 0.735Diameter 3: 0.745Diameter 3: 0.765Diameter 3: 0.798Diameter 3: 0.8Diameter 3: 0.835Diameter 3: 0.868Diameter 3: 0.87Diameter 4: 0.635Effective Stud Length: 1.5Effective Stud Length: 1.52Effective Stud Length: 1.75Effective Stud Length: 1.895Effective Stud Length: 1.9Effective Stud Length: 2Emissions : Emission verification to be determined in ACESEmissions : Legal USEmissions : Not in CAEngine Family: Chevrolet GEN VI 454 and 502 c.i. 8 Cylinder (1996-1999)Engine Family: Chrysler V8 273-360Engine Family: Chrysler V8 273-360 and 383-440Engine Family: Chrysler V8 383-440Engine Family: UniversalEngine Valve SpringExhaust Duration at .050 inch Lift: 206Exhaust Duration at .050 inch Lift: 212Exhaust Duration at .050 inch Lift: 218Exhaust Duration at .050 inch Lift: 224Exhaust Duration at .050 inch Lift: 230Exhaust Duration at .050 inch Lift: 236Exhaust Duration at .050 inch Lift: 241Exhaust Duration at .050 inch Lift: 242Exhaust Duration at .050 inch Lift: 248Exhaust Duration at .050 inch Lift: 254Exhaust Duration at .050 inch Lift: 260Exhaust Valve Lift: 0.51Exhaust Valve Lift: 0.52Exhaust Valve Lift: 0.53Exhaust Valve Lift: 0.539Exhaust Valve Lift: 0.54Exhaust Valve Lift: 0.547Exhaust Valve Lift: 0.566Exhaust Valve Lift: 0.575Exhaust Valve Lift: 0.58Gaskets Included: NoIncludes Tool: YesInner Diameter: 0.635Inner Diameter: 0.635-0.650Inner Diameter: 0.645Inner Diameter: 0.65Inner Diameter: 0.765Inner Diameter: 0.814Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.646Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.654Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.655Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.68Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.697Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.7Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.709Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.712Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.719Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.72Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.721Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.737Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.74Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.742Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.757Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.759Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.772Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.787Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.795Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.803Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.804Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.819Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.824Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.836Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.859Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.863/0.627Inner Spring Inside Diameter: 0.864/0.624Installed Height: 1.9Intake Duration at .050 Inch Lift: 200Intake Duration at .050 Inch Lift: 206Intake Duration at .050 Inch Lift: 212Intake Duration at .050 Inch Lift: 218Intake Duration at .050 Inch Lift: 224Intake Duration at .050 Inch Lift: 227Intake Duration at .050 Inch Lift: 230Intake Duration at .050 Inch Lift: 236Intake Duration at .050 Inch Lift: 242Intake Duration at .050 Inch Lift: 248Intake Duration at .050 Inch Lift: 254Intake Valve Lift: 0.51Intake Valve Lift: 0.52Intake Valve Lift: 0.521Intake Valve Lift: 0.547Intake Valve Lift: 0.56Intake Valve Lift: 0.566Intake Valve Lift: 0.575Kit Type: CL-Kit - Cam and Lifter KitLife Cycle Status: Available To OrderLife Cycle Status: SupersededLifter Type: Hydraulic RollerLifters Included: YesLobe Separation: 107Lobe Separation: 110Lobe Separation: 112Lobe Separation: 113Lobe Separation: 114Lock Angle: 10Lock Angle: 11Lock Angle: 7Locks Included: NoNumber of Springs: 1Number of Springs: 2Number of Springs: 3Open Load: 458Outer Bottom Spring Inside Diameter: 0.738Outer Bottom Spring Inside Diameter: 0.742Outer Bottom Spring Inside Diameter: 0.825Outer Bottom Spring Inside Diameter: 0.885Outer Bottom Spring Inside Diameter: 0.932Outer Bottom Spring Inside Diameter: 1Outer Bottom Spring Inside Diameter: 1.102Outer Bottom Spring Inside Diameter: 1.125Outer Bottom Spring Outside Diameter: 1.061Outer Bottom Spring Outside Diameter: 1.101Outer Bottom Spring Outside Diameter: 1.105Outer Bottom Spring Outside Diameter: 1.24Outer Bottom Spring Outside Diameter: 1.29Outer Bottom Spring Outside Diameter: 1.31Outer Bottom Spring Outside Diameter: 1.332Outer Bottom Spring Outside Diameter: 1.415Outer Bottom Spring Outside Diameter: 1.444Outer Bottom Spring Outside Diameter: 1.585Outer Bottom Spring Outside Diameter: 1.59Outer Diameter: 1.25Outer Diameter: 1.437Outer Diameter: 1.48Outer Diameter: 1.5Outer Diameter: 1.64Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 0.697Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 0.7Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 0.711Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 0.731Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 0.836Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 0.876Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 0.88Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 0.895Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 0.92Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 0.924Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 0.93Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 0.958Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 0.99Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.015Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.02Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.027Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.06Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.062Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.07Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.073Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.08Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.094Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.105Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.11Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.111Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.112Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.114Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.117Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.125Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.127Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.128Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.136Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.137Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.14Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.15Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.161Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.167Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.18Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.186Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.196Outer Spring Inside Diameter: 1.203Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 0.937Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 0.953Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 0.97Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.015Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.23Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.254Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.26Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.269Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.301Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.32Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.354Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.39Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.4Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.406Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.43Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.437Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.46Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.464Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.475Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.476Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.489Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.494Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.509Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.524Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.536Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.55Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.551Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.555Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.56Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.563Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.564Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.565Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.585Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.635Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.638Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.64Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.65Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.66Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.683Outer Spring Outside Diameter: 1.686Outer Top Spring Inside Diameter: 0.58Outer Top Spring Inside Diameter: 0.65Outer Top Spring Inside Diameter: 0.66Outer Top Spring Inside Diameter: 0.721Outer Top Spring Outside Diameter: 0.943Outer Top Spring Outside Diameter: 0.959Outer Top Spring Outside Diameter: 1.013Outer Top Spring Outside Diameter: 1.055Outer Top Spring Outside Diameter: 1.059Outer Top Spring Outside Diameter: 1.06Outer Top Spring Outside Diameter: 1.065Outer Top Spring Outside Diameter: 1.075Outer Top Spring Outside Diameter: 1.186Outer Top Spring Outside Diameter: 1.204Overall Head Height: 0.19Overall Head Height: 0.21Overall Head Height: 0.23Range of Camshaft Movement: 10Range of Crankshaft Movement: 20Retainer Material: 4140 Chromemoly SteelRetainer Material: TitaniumRetainer Material: Tool SteelRetainers Included: NoRocker Arm Adjusting Nut Series: Stud GirdleRocker Arm Series: Shaft-Mount AluminumRocker Arm Series: Ultra Pro MagnumRocker Stud Diameter: 1/2Rocker Stud Diameter: ShaftRocker-Side Thread: 1/2Rocker-Side Thread: 3/8Rocker-Side Thread: 7/16Seal Outer Diameter: 0.4Seal Outer Diameter: 0.545Seal Outer Diameter: 0.565Seal Outer Diameter: 0.575Seal Outer Diameter: 0.589Seal Outer Diameter: 0.6Seal Outer Diameter: 0.61Seal Outer Diameter: 0.625Seal Outer Diameter: 0.63Seal Outer Diameter: 0.675Seal Outer Diameter: 0.75Seal Outer Diameter: 0.9Seal Outer Diameter: 12.5Seat Height: 1.47Seat Height: 1.5Seat Height: 1.64Seat Height: 1.65Seat Height: 1.7Seat Height: 1.75Seat Height: 1.77Seat Height: 1.78Seat Height: 1.8Seat Height: 1.81Seat Height: 1.835Seat Height: 1.85Seat Height: 1.88Seat Height: 1.9Seat Height: 1.925Seat Height: 1.95Seat Height: 2Seat Height: 2.05Seat Height: 2.1Seat Height: 2.2Seat Pressure: 102Seat Pressure: 103Seat Pressure: 105Seat Pressure: 109Seat Pressure: 110Seat Pressure: 111Seat Pressure: 112Seat Pressure: 115Seat Pressure: 116Seat Pressure: 120Seat Pressure: 122Seat Pressure: 124Seat Pressure: 125Seat Pressure: 127Seat Pressure: 129Seat Pressure: 130Seat Pressure: 132Seat Pressure: 135Seat Pressure: 137Seat Pressure: 139.5Seat Pressure: 141Seat Pressure: 145Seat Pressure: 148Seat Pressure: 150Seat Pressure: 153Seat Pressure: 155Seat Pressure: 158Seat Pressure: 159Seat Pressure: 165Seat Pressure: 171Seat Pressure: 178Seat Pressure: 190Seat Pressure: 194Seat Pressure: 195Seat Pressure: 200Seat Pressure: 201Seat Pressure: 210Seat Pressure: 214Seat Pressure: 215Seat Pressure: 225Seat Pressure: 230Seat Pressure: 236Seat Pressure: 240Seat Pressure: 250Seat Pressure: 27Seat Pressure: 275Seat Pressure: 285Seat Pressure: 304Seat Pressure: 332Seat Pressure: 342Seat Pressure: 382Seat Pressure: 46Seat Pressure: 54Seat Pressure: 58Seat Pressure: 77Seat Pressure: 79.91Seat Pressure: 80Seat Pressure: 89.52Seat Pressure: 92Seat Pressure: 93Seat Pressure: 94Shim Thickness: 0.015Shim Thickness: 0.03Shim Thickness: 0.06Spring Rate: 130Spring Rate: 134Spring Rate: 156Spring Rate: 191Spring Rate: 200Spring Rate: 241Spring Rate: 251Spring Rate: 258Spring Rate: 280Spring Rate: 293Spring Rate: 300Spring Rate: 308Spring Rate: 313Spring Rate: 322Spring Rate: 324Spring Rate: 330Spring Rate: 332Spring Rate: 339Spring Rate: 347Spring Rate: 354Spring Rate: 356Spring Rate: 366Spring Rate: 367Spring Rate: 370Spring Rate: 372Spring Rate: 373Spring Rate: 395Spring Rate: 400Spring Rate: 402Spring Rate: 403Spring Rate: 408Spring Rate: 410Spring Rate: 415Spring Rate: 427Spring Rate: 439Spring Rate: 441Spring Rate: 454Spring Rate: 458Spring Rate: 473Spring Rate: 483Spring Rate: 494Spring Rate: 499Spring Rate: 500Spring Rate: 502Spring Rate: 505Spring Rate: 519Spring Rate: 526Spring Rate: 544Spring Rate: 550Spring Rate: 551Spring Rate: 563Spring Rate: 566Spring Rate: 580Spring Rate: 633Spring Rate: 637Spring Rate: 640Spring Rate: 677Spring Rate: 681Spring Rate: 687Spring Rate: 689Spring Rate: 712Spring Rate: 743Spring Rate: 761Spring Rate: 96Spring Style: DualStud Diameter: 3/8Stud Diameter: 7/16Thickness: 0.08Timing Chain and Gears Included: NoUniversal Or Specific Fit: SpecificUniversal Parts: IncludedUsage: MarineUsage: OEMUsage: Street/PerformanceValve Guide Outer Diameter: 0.425Valve Guide Outer Diameter: 0.47Valve Guide Outer Diameter: 0.494Valve Guide Outer Diameter: 0.5Valve Guide Outer Diameter: 0.53Valve Guide Outer Diameter: 11Valve Guide Outer Diameter: StockValve Seal Outer Diameter: 0.589Valve Seal Outer Diameter: 12.5Valve Seal Type: Black VitonValve Seal Type: Metal Body VitonValve Seal Type: O-RingValve Seal Type: Positive SealValve Seal Type: Positive Stop PTFEValve Seal Type: Steel Jacketed VitonValve Seal Type: UmbrellaValve Spring Diameter: 0.943Valve Spring Diameter: 0.959Valve Spring Diameter: 0.959-1.013Valve Spring Diameter: 1.055Valve Spring Diameter: 1.095Valve Spring Diameter: 1.185Valve Spring Diameter: 1.225-1.250Valve Spring Diameter: 1.25Valve Spring Diameter: 1.32Valve Spring Diameter: 1.430-1.500Valve Spring Diameter: 1.437-1.500Valve Spring Diameter: 1.500-1.550Valve Spring Diameter: 1.625Valve Spring Series: DualValve Spring Series: Performance StreetValve Spring Series: Race EnduranceValve Spring Series: Race ExtremeValve Spring Series: Race SportsmanValve Spring Series: Race/StreetValve Springs Required: YesValve Stem Diameter: 11/32Valve Stem Diameter: 3/8Valve Stem Diameter: 5/16Valve Stem Outer Diameter: 0.3125Valve Stem Outer Diameter: 11/32Valve Stem Outer Diameter: 3/8Valve Stem Outer Diameter: 5/16Valve Stem Outer Diameter: 6Valve Stem Outer Diameter: 8Valve Stem Seals Included: NoValve Stem Size: 11/32Valve Stem Size: 8Valve Stem Size: AllValve Stem Size: Stockvehicle application data.