40031 Ba4X4 Led LightsColor: AmberColor: BlackColor: Black/Grey/RedColor: GreyColor: RedColor: SilverD-Ring Mounts: ND-Ring Mounts: N/AD-Ring Mounts: YDrive: 2WDDrive: 2WD/4WDDrive: 4WDDRIVE: AWDDrive: N/AEmissions : Emission verification to be determined in ACESFed-Ex: NFed-Ex: YFinish: Light TextureFinish: Light-TexturedFinish: Mini-TexturedFinish: RawFinish: SmoothFinish: TexturedHeight: 1 in.Height: 1-3 in.Height: 1.5 in.Height: 1.5-2 in.Height: 2 in.Height: 2 in. Front / 1.5 in. RearHeight: 2.0 in.Height: 2.5 in.Height: 3 in.Height: N/ALife Cycle Status: Available To OrderLight Fitment: 18 In. Single Row Led And Led Cube Style Lights (30033 / 30034)Light Fitment: 20 In. Double Row LedLight Fitment: 20 In. Dual Row Led And 4 Cube Style Led'SLight Fitment: 20 In. Dula Row Led LightLight Fitment: 20 in. LedLight Fitment: 20 In. Single Row LedLight Fitment: 30 in. Double Row and Pair of Cube lightsLight Fitment: 30 In. Dual Row Led (40031) Led Cube Style Lights 30033 / 30034Light Fitment: 30 In. Dual Row Led And 4 Cube Style Led'SLight Fitment: 30 in. Light BarLight Fitment: 4 In. Round LightsLight Fitment: 50 In. Dual Row Led (40050) Led Cube Style Lights 30033 / 30034Light Fitment: 50 in. Light BarLight Fitment: Adjustable Light MountLight Fitment: Cube LightsLight Fitment: Led Cube Style Lights (30033 / 30034)Light Fitment: Led Cube Style Lights 30033 / 30034Light Fitment: N/ALight Fitment: Oe Fog LightsMagna Ride Suspension Or Denail Model VehiclesMaterial: FabricMaterial: Fabric/MetalMaterial: MetalMaterial: PlasticMaterial: Plastic/ RubberMaterial: PolyesterMaterial: SteelMAX TIRE SIZE: 215/75R15MAX TIRE SIZE: 225/75R17MAX TIRE SIZE: 235/65R17Max Tire Size: 31Max Tire Size: 32Max Tire Size: 33Max Tire Size: 35Max Tire Size: N/APosition: FrontPosition: Front/RearPosition: InsidePosition: N/APosition: RearPosition: SideSeries: 3 SERIESSeries: 4 SeriesSeries: 5 SeriesSeries: AmbushSeries: Desert SeriesSeries: Eco SeriesSeries: HilineSeries: N/ASeries: Pro SeriesSeries: RockcrawlerSeries: Sky RidgeSERIES: UniversalSubseries: CargoSubseries: N/ASubseries: No WinchSubseries: Non-WinchSubseries: OverlandSubseries: WinchSubseries: Wrap AroundType: Block And U Bolt KitType: Coil SpacerType: Coil Spacer + Shock ExtensionType: KeyType: Key + Shock ExtenderType: N/ATYPE: Overland RackType: Strut SpacerType: Strut Spacer + Coil SpacerUniversal Parts: IncludedUSMCA Code: 560900USMCA Code: 611693USMCA Code: 84311USMCA Code: 851200USMCA Code: 851220USMCA Code: 851290USMCA Code: 851300USMCA Code: 870800USMCA Code: 87081USMCA Code: 870810USMCA Code: 870812USMCA Code: 870813USMCA Code: 870814USMCA Code: 870815USMCA Code: 870829USMCA Code: 87088USMCA Code: 870880vehicle application data.Warning: 2Wd Torsion Bar Suspension OnlyWarning: 6 Lug TruckWarning: Box 1 Of 2Warning: Box 2 Of 2Warning: Diesel Models OnlyWarning: Diesel Models Require Additional ShroudWarning: Does Not Fit Rebel ModelsWarning: Does Not Fit Trailboss Or At4 ModelsWarning: Does Not Work With Rubicon Steel Bumper Fog LightsWarning: Except Pro 4X And XdWarning: Except RaptorWarning: Fits 40030Warning: Fits 40030 Ba4X4 Led LightWarning: Fits 40050 Ba4X4 Led LightWarning: Fits Ranger EdgeWarning: Fits Tc-2961 OnlyWarning: Fits Tc-6125Warning: Heritage Body StyleWarning: N/AWarning: New Body StyleWarning: NoneWarning: Only Fits Jl Front BumpersWarning: Requires 5129 BasketWarning: Synthetic Rope OnlyWarning: Will Not Fit With Jk-19536WARRANTY: 3 Year Finish / Limited LifetimeWinch Y/N: NWinch Y/N: N/AWinch Y/N: Y