McCray Racing High Strength Lightweight Aluminum Strut Tower Brace - 2015-2023 Mustang

$219.95 USD
SKU: MCCRAY-444-0001

McCray Racing High Strength - Lightweight Aluminum Strut Tower Brace, THE STRONGEST & LIGHTEST BRACE AVAILABLE.

This McCray tower brace comes in two fitment types. Please verify the correct fitmnent type for your Mustang.

Fitment 1
Fits: 2015-2023 Mustang GT, Ecoboost, GT350, Bulllitt and, Mach One
Part #: MCCRAY-444-0001

Fitment 2
Fits: 2015-2023 S550 Mustang GT with Holly Ultra Lo-Ram Ford Coyote Intake Manifold (tested and confirmed clearance on 18+ black S550)
Part #: MCCRAY-444-0002

The McCray Racing strut bar is made from rectangular aluminum, 1"x3" OD Tube with 1/8" thick wall. Very strong yet light stuff. The science is in the bend. Mandrel bending of this size rectangular material is unheard of.

McCray Racing's design achieves extremely high torsional resistance by eliminating the kinks that typically come with bending rectangular aluminum. Until now, others have been un-able to effectively use this material. If kinks are present in bends (regardless of material) a natural joint/flex point is created in the smashing created by inadequate bending methods. Imagine a recyclable paper straw after a few minutes in your drink pinched by the cup lid...

Kinked metal acts the same. A smashed kink bend in rectangular aluminum essentially tricks itself into original shape/position reorientation when heat/torsion (engine bay temps & corners) are applied. With kinks in the bend present, material acts like a knee with a longer then required bungee cord instead of cartilage.

McCray Racing's kink-less bend method results in the strongest bracing that weighs ~50% less then OE and any aftermarket brace available for the 2015+ Mustang.

Technnical Specs Highlights:

- Fits S550 2015-2023 Mustang, GT, Ecoboost, GT350, Bullitt, Mach One, Performance and Non-Performance Pack models. Will clear 15-17 GT models w GT350/Bullitt Manfiolds and coolant hose supports.

- 4 point design: utilizes 2 strut studs and 2 body studs on both L/R strut towers. Improving handling, steering response & chassis rigidity.

- McCray Racing’s Brace, unlike OE, is functional and allows for quick easy engine access while increasing structural integrity. You will experience noticeably improved steering response, better handling and an overall tighter steering feel with this product.

- McCray Racing: 4.5 POUNDS versus OE/Comp PP Braces: ~8 LB’S

- OE Performance Pack Braces: 7.6 POUNDS and only mounts to the body studs (taller inward oriented threaded studs). This eliminates zero deflection prior to body flex.

- The strut tower brackets are CAD designed and water jet cut from 3/16" aluminum. Fitment and clearance tested and confirmed.

- The TWIN THROUGH BOLT design utilizes high tensile strength, Grade 8, 7/16" hardware that WILL NOT FLEX. Proven on the street and track to be STRONGER THEN WELDS without any added NVH.


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