Lava Turbo Shield by Heatshield Products withstand 1800F and do not fall apart.

$169.94 USD
SKU: BHCF-300077

Lava Turbo Shield by Heatshield Products was designed for and tested on the most hardcore racing applications in mind. Lava Turbo Heat Shield reduces turbo lag and helps to maintain consistent boost pressure while protecting other engine components. These heat shields reduce about 60 percent of turbo related heat. This helps to lower IAT?s and can assist in creating even more power. These turbo heat shields are custom fit and use extreme temperature materials to keep heat in the hot side of the turbo where it belongs. It has a rugged outer layer of our Lava Shield that is 25 percent stronger than comparable fiberglass shields, giving them a longer life span. The Inferno Mat layer remains flexible and strong even at 1800F. This means Lava Turbo Shield will not fall apart when you may need to remove it to service the turbo system. Lava Turbo Shield protects aftermarket turbos and some OEM applications.
  • Continuous operating temperature of 1800F, 2200F intermittent
  • Reduces up to 60 percent of turbo heat
  • Maintians consiten boost pressure
  • Will not fall apart when removing
  • Made in the USA

Additional Attributes:

  • GTIN: 00819825018080
  • Color: Lava
  • Installation Tip: Anchor Hooks
  • Instructions Included: N
  • Insulation Type: Product can be placed in direct contact with heat source.
  • Material: Proprietary Data
  • Operating Temperature: 1800F
  • Peak Temperature: 2200F
  • Safety Warning: Always wear safety glasses, dust mask, gloves and long sleeves are recommended when handling this product.

Extened Information:

  • Emissions : Legal US
  • Life Cycle Status: Available To Order


  • Quantity of Each: 1
  • Package UOM: EA
  • Dimension: 9 x 6 x 4 inches